5Pointz#7Train20135PointzDemolitionAfter white-washing the graffiti mecca last November, the building’s owner began demolition today.

Top Photo: October 2013; Bottom Photo: August 22, 2014

Photographs: Stephen Wise

WhiteDiner en Blanc, the viral impromptu chic picnic, where everyone wears white, arrives in NYC, August 25.

This year’s meal, expected to draw 4000 people, will feature white wines from Bordeaux.

CleanAmong our favorite products at NY Now were: Clean eau de parfum, Scottish Fine Soaps and Acca Kappa soaps.

There seemed to be a significant number of pig-themed products this year, including Hammond’s Pigs N’ Taters (milk chocolate with bacon bits and potato chips) and pig dolls from Maileg.




King2014iObama’s options dim when the protesters and cops act just like him.

One day we see Obama on the side of the rebels, throwing Molotov Cocktails (see Ukraine & Syria), and the next day on the side of the oppressors, killing civilians (see Israel). 

The answer rests in being truthful, but not an egoist.

NYNOW2014-BooksClassic. A book which people praise but don’t read.” Mark Twain

Photograph: Stephen Wise

Tutem-MasksmyzenhomeNY NOW, billed as the ‘market for home and lifestyle,’ opened today with 2800+ vendors from 55 countries.

A couple of products that caught our eye — the personal microbe manager mask from Tutem and the yoga cushion from MyZenHome.

FranceUK-UNLE ran into two senior military officers, from France and England, outside the UN today, and asked them “What is the answer in Syria?” One replied: “No boots on the ground!”

Analysis: If that means the Asaad government can stay in power, “good.” If it means more refugees (Christians) get slaughtered, “not good.”

Starting in 2011 the Obama administration, along with a host of other bad actors — including France & England, sought to overthrow the legitimate Assad government in Syria — no doubt for reasons of plunder and to appease Israel and Saudi Arabia. ISIS and genocide were born out of that cabal.

The chaos, death and destruction in Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Egypt, Libya and now Ukraine, is the work of evil-doers, who likely see themselves as liberators.

MadMen2014Brand anthropologists and Baptist ministers (especially corrupt ones) like to encourage herd and mob behavior.

Herds and mobs tend not to embody the truth, justice, and unity that engender healthy persons and society.

The mounting mental illness in America is testimony to that.

VladHolidayVlad Holiday, front man for the alternative rock band Born Cages, worked on a video in Tompkins Square Park today.

The American ‘way of life’ is producing plenty of displaced (and caged) persons, at home and abroad.

RamseyClark2014Palestine2014gAddressing a gathering of Palestinian supporters in New York City today, Ramsey Clark (U.S. Attorney General 1967-69) said: “Until Gaza is free there’s no free place on earth, until Gaza is safe there’s no safe place on earth…when Gaza is free we’ll all be free!”

Photographs: Stephen Wise





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