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WhiteBlossoms-JacksonHeightsThe pure white blossoms of Spring offer a poignant contrast, on Earth Day, to the charred remains of an office building in Jackson Height, NYC, after a suspicious fire tore through it last night — the fourth fire there in the last year (according to a source at the scene).

The building houses Plaza College, which had announced plans to relocate later this year. In Jan. 2011 the New York Daily News ran a story on Plaza College with the headline: “Queens Plaza College is known for its links to crooked politician and bribes”.

Photograph: Stephen Wise



Backers of the ‘horseless e-carriage’ were at the New York Auto Show yesterday to present their electric ‘homage to the Brass Era’ vehicle (top photo), that they hope will replace the horse-drawn buggies in Central Park.

It’s common today for people to try to make what is old look new, and what is new look old. The cult of realism has led to a culture of deception—and the absurdly unreal, with the result being disorientation and even mental illness.

The maker of the horseless e-carriage engaged in a mental back-flip, into an empty pool, by asserting that his vehicle was an “organic reality-based tech successor” to the horses in Central Park.

If deception contributes to mental illness, and truth contributes to mental health, then the real horse-drawn carriages in Central Park are probably a healthier option for everyone, including the horses, than the horseless alternative.

CentralParkHorses2014aPhotographs: Stephen Wise





MustangSallyMustangSally5.0Mustang5.0To help celebrate Mustang’s 50th Anniversary, Ford provided nail treatments for bloggers at the New York Auto Show. The nail polish colors matched up with their car’s paint palette.

The 50th Anniversary (limited edition) Mustang 5.0 which will be priced around $50, 000 was on display (bottom photo).

NYAutoShow2014cThe New York International Auto Show runs through April 27, 2014 at the Javits Center.


5Pointz041414The Bible is filled with stories of people being saved from oppression—passing from death to life; old to new. Today’s exile is often self-inflicted, caused by egoism. The only exodus from egoism is to overcome ourselves, be filled with the spirit and live.

RendellKenneth W. Rendell, the venerable Upper East Side purveyor of autographs, historical letters, and documents, is no more.

SalvationArmy2014The universe of those interested in historical U.S. documents is getting smaller, just as the number of establishments willing to take U.S. $50 & $100 bills (Grant & Franklin) is getting smaller.

AyanoSudo2014a (2)Japanese art photographer Ayano Sudo at the AIPAD Photography Show. She is represented by Picture Photo Space from Osaka, Japan.

Ms. Sudo’s work oscillates between the Japanese ‘kitty’ and the Western ‘pussy’ ways of being (and non-being).

MadameButterfly2014 (2)


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