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PriestsOfTheWorldU.S. Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel’s statement today, that the U.S. “expects other nations to respect Ukraine’s sovereignty and avoid provocative actions,” is interesting given that the U.S. has been a serial violator of sovereignty for all of the 21st century — from Iraq to Afghanistan, Egypt, Libya, Iran (cyber), Syria and now even Ukraine — having supported the coup there.

American policy makers, increasingly guided by Jews who see themselves as priests for the world, are setting aside the U.S Constitution, the U.N. Charter and Natural Law in their efforts to re-design the world and reshuffle its leadership deck.

“This concept of priesthood provides the model for Israel’s self-image and for its role among the nations of the world.” Nahum M. Sarna, Exploring Exodus (Shocken Books, 1986)

On a recent trip to the United Nation, LE asked an Egyptian diplomat: “Was it a mistake to get rid of Mubarak?” He said “yes.” We then asked: “Is the Arab Spring with its coups and attempted coups in Egypt, Libya, Syria and now Ukraine (engineered by outside parties) a violation of the U.N. Charter?” Without hesitating he said “yes.”

“Individual liberty, freed from all bonds and all laws, all objective and social values, is in reality only a death-dealing anarchy.” Pope Pius XII, 1951

BookfairTheKingInYellowThe 1895 psycho-thriller “The King in Yellow,” by Robert Chambers, is making a comeback. Climbing to #7 on Amazon’s list last week, the book seems to have struck a chord with young people, but not the book selling elites. None of the vendors at the recent Greenwich Village Antiquarian Book Fair had a copy for sale. Most hadn’t even heard of the work. One reason might be that “The King in Yellow” offers a prophetic glimpse of the “Imperial Dynasty of America” — one that delights young people but makes their elders nervous.

In the city of New York the summer of 1899 was signalized by the dismantling of the Elevated Railroads. The summer of 1900 will live in the memories of New York people for many a cycle; the Dodge Statue was removed in that year. In the following winter began that agitation for the repeal of the laws prohibiting suicide which bore its final fruit in the month of April, 1920, when the first Government Lethal Chamber was opened on Washington Square.

“Ah! I see it now!” I shrieked. “You have seized the throne and the empire. Woe! woe to you who are crowned by the crown of the King in Yellow!” The King in Yellow (F. Tennyson Neely, 1895)

DogsRule“The dogs bark, but the caravan moves on.” Arab proverb

Today, dogs-rule (mob-rule) is being called self-rule (democracy).

Photograph: Stephen Wise

UkrainianInstituteOfAmerica (2)The scene outside the Ukrainian Institute of America in New York today.

A comic book auction was being held inside while a coup was taking place in Kiev. The U.S. and E.U. are interfering on the side of the thugs — with the Molotov Cocktails.

More than a few U.S. diplomats, and their political bosses, look at the world through the eyes of Superman.

In his book “Disguised as Clark Kent: Jews, Comics and the Creation of the Superhero,” Danny Fingeroth presents Dr. Fredric Wertham’s critique of superhero comics from the standpoint of psychoanalysis.

“Wertham’s problem with comics stemmed from the fact that many of the troubled, violent children and teenagers he saw in his practice were comics readers.”

Superman, (with the big S on his uniform—we should, I suppose, be thankful that it is not an S.S.) needs an endless stream of ever new submen, criminals, and “foreign-looking” people not only to justify his existence but even to make it possible. It is this feature that engenders in children either one or the other of two attitudes: either they fantasy themselves as supermen…or it makes them submissive and receptive to the blandishments of strong men who will solve all their problems for them—by force.

In these children there is an exact parallel to the blunting of sensibilities in the direction of cruelty that has characterized a whole generation of central European youth fed on the Nietzsche-Nazi myth of the exceptional man who is beyond good and evil. Fredric Wertham

With the world’s Supermen (and women) fanning the flames of revolt, these words of Lincoln are more true than ever: “There is no grievance that is a fit object of redress by mob law.” Abraham Lincoln

Superman wanna bees should be restrained and hospitalized — not allowed to direct U.S. foreign policy.

Photograph: Stephen Wise

Alpha&Omega“If you seek Truth, you will not seek to gain a victory by every possible means; and when you have found Truth, you need not fear being defeated.” Epictetus

RideAloneTechnology contributes to immaturity and immorality (self-defeating behavior).

manayigalozeri“You have developed among you a dangerous Messianic spirit…I have learnt from my own experience that the sword alone offers no solution…Israel will not survive as a democratic state if she continues being a society that occupies another nation.” Ariel Sharon, Knesset 23 October 2004

The question now is “what are the goals of the ‘new’ (badass) Jews?” And “how will that affect the trajectory of the U.S., Israel, and the world?”

“Jewish history consists of a unique series of events—accidental or purposeful—which have had the practical effect of preserving the Jews as Jews in an “exile” to fulfill their avowed mission of ushering in the brotherhood of man…What the Jews themselves have thought of their destiny has shaped their history more profoundly than did events.” Max Dimont, The Indestructible Jews (The New American Library, 1973)

IAmKing2013Bill de Blasio, the ‘progressive’ new mayor of NYC, is calling for an end to social and economic inequality — which is interesting given the fact that it’s been the progressives (the disruptors), in recent years, who have done much to promote inequality, by saying “I am King.”

When people say “I am King” what they really mean is “I am equal to God” — which history has shown leads to new forms of oppression and injustice, and ultimately ends badly (see Trotsky).

Only when our convictions and interests are aligned with truthfulness can real progress and development happen. This is in keeping with the Spartan principle of “calling that which is just, equal; not that which is equal, just.” And in the words of Martin Luther King: “I want you to be the first in love. I want you to be first in moral excellence. I want you to be the first in generosity. If you want to be important, wonderful. If you want to be great, wonderful. But recognize that he who is greatest among you shall be your servant.”

Nissan2013“The car made it possible for man to do more things by enabling him to go in a shorter time to more places where something was cooking. It also made it virtually impossible for man to think any longer. It mechanized the last chink of time. Its operation—or even its motion—demanded too much attention for introspection. With the radio going, it became a sort of cheapskate traveling circus; two rings and a continual performance. Sitting in his car, man decerebrated his species.” Philip Wylie, Generation of Vipers (Rhinehart, 1942)


LE Observation: Seeking to empower women and girls, activists can fail to understand cosmic unity and wholeness—and the real power that comes from participation in being. When men or women say: “I am King” — they alienate themselves from the source of being, and tend toward non-being.

It takes a royal, spiritually mature, person to be able to freely serve others; in the gift of self we find our self. Today the ‘assertion of self’ — egoism, is replacing the ‘gift of self’ and society is diminished.

“God, who has created me and who has power over me like a ruler, is also my own power because without God I am unable to do any good deed, and because I have only through God the living spirit through which I live and am moved, through which I learn to know my own ways.” Hildegard


Stephen B. Wise


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