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UN-Avengers2014Jewish Thinking (Cain): characterized by a strong sense of exceptionalism, security, and vengeance; finds expression in rebellion and domination — while seeking identity, redemption, and freedom.

The patient needs to be helped to overcome self-centeredness, to be truthful, and to understand that real justice starts with respecting and serving others.

BastilleDayNYC2014c“The French Revolution began at the top—in the world of fashion, birth, and intellect—and propagated itself downwards.” Francis Parkman

“The fall of the Bastille marked the end of royal absolutism. It was a triumph for the cause of liberty, and for the Parisan mob. With this victory for violence the revolution had taken a bloody step forward.” Winston Churchill, The Age of Revolution (Dodd, Mead, 1957)

Analysis: The ‘liberty’ of the mob might be sweet, but it can’t sustain persons and society — as we saw with the Russian Revolution and the so called Arab Spring. Churchill’s view that liberty triumphs through violence (toward others) contributed to two World Wars, and the Holocaust, and the slaughter in Gaza today.

True freedom starts with overcoming ourselves.

Pastries by: Epicerie Boulud, at Bastille Day Street Fair, NYC



PrideNYC2014r“Tis pride that pulls the country down.” Shakespeare, Othello

Pride leads to darkness, blindness and brokenness. Only humility can heal us, and lead us to know the love of God.

NYCPride2014fPrideNYC2014eNYCPride2014hPrideNYC2014hPeople with same-sex attractions are being targeted, encouraged and exploited by conniving politicians and corporate interests.

Photographs: Stephen Wise

RaniaMatarMiddleEast-FemalePerspectiveOn a day that saw a prominent female activist gunned down in Libya, Howard Greenberg Gallery in NYC opened a photography exhibit titled The Middle East Revealed: A Female Perspective.

The show includes works by four contemporary Middle Eastern female photographers: Rania Matar (top photo) Reema Al Faisal, Boushra Almutawakel and Shadi Ghadirian, plus photographs by American Margaret Bourke-White from 1940 Syria.

Perhaps it can be said that ‘feminism’, rooted in egoism and materialism, leaves a vacuum in women and society—that is now being filled by PhARMA and militias.

The best antidote to egoism, and the key to satisfaction, for women and men, according to the Sufi writer Inayat Khan, is in understanding: “Thy will be done on earth as it is in Heaven.”

Photographs: Stephen Wise



TimesSquare-Bloomsday2014Liberty Leading the People — perhaps to hell.

America’s “Rights Revolution” is turning the ‘oppressed’ into perps.

Photograph: Stephen Wise


Father'sDay2014 (2)For the United States, a country without father and mother, supplements are often used to fill the void.

A better way starts with being in the Spirit.

We’re not orphans when we participate in being in a conscious and concrete way.

Rainbow2014During the Octave of Easter, a rainbow above an art and frame shop in Woodside, NY had special poignancy.

This is the sign of the covenant which I give between me and you, and to every living soul that is with you, for perpetual generations. I will set my bow in the clouds, and it shall the sign of a covenant between me, and between the earth. And when I shall cover the sky with clouds, my bow shall appear in the clouds, and I will remember my covenant with you, and with every living soul that beareth flesh. (Genesis 9:12-14)

PriestsOfTheWorldU.S. Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel’s statement today, that the U.S. “expects other nations to respect Ukraine’s sovereignty and avoid provocative actions,” is interesting given that the U.S. has been a serial violator of sovereignty for all of the 21st century — from Iraq to Afghanistan, Egypt, Libya, Iran (cyber), Syria and now even Ukraine — having supported the coup there.

American policy makers, increasingly guided by Jews who see themselves as priests for the world, are setting aside the U.S Constitution, the U.N. Charter and Natural Law in their efforts to re-design the world and reshuffle its leadership deck.

“This concept of priesthood provides the model for Israel’s self-image and for its role among the nations of the world.” Nahum M. Sarna, Exploring Exodus (Shocken Books, 1986)

On a recent trip to the United Nation, LE asked an Egyptian diplomat: “Was it a mistake to get rid of Mubarak?” He said “yes.” We then asked: “Is the Arab Spring with its coups and attempted coups in Egypt, Libya, Syria and now Ukraine (engineered by outside parties) a violation of the U.N. Charter?” Without hesitating he said “yes.”

“Individual liberty, freed from all bonds and all laws, all objective and social values, is in reality only a death-dealing anarchy.” Pope Pius XII, 1951

BookfairTheKingInYellowThe 1895 psycho-thriller “The King in Yellow,” by Robert Chambers, is making a comeback. Climbing to #7 on Amazon’s list last week, the book seems to have struck a chord with young people, but not the book selling elites. None of the vendors at the recent Greenwich Village Antiquarian Book Fair had a copy for sale. Most hadn’t even heard of the work. One reason might be that “The King in Yellow” offers a prophetic glimpse of the “Imperial Dynasty of America” — one that delights young people but makes their elders nervous.

In the city of New York the summer of 1899 was signalized by the dismantling of the Elevated Railroads. The summer of 1900 will live in the memories of New York people for many a cycle; the Dodge Statue was removed in that year. In the following winter began that agitation for the repeal of the laws prohibiting suicide which bore its final fruit in the month of April, 1920, when the first Government Lethal Chamber was opened on Washington Square.

“Ah! I see it now!” I shrieked. “You have seized the throne and the empire. Woe! woe to you who are crowned by the crown of the King in Yellow!” The King in Yellow (F. Tennyson Neely, 1895)


Stephen B. Wise


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