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JivaDance7JivaDance1Sonali Skandan & Jiva Dance perform Mayura: Blue Peacock at the Chen Dance Center September 18-20, 2014.

Photographs: Stephen Wise

ManaContemporary2014fManaContemporary2014aManaContemporary2014g (2)Mana Contemporary, the Jersey City, NJ arts destination, is holding a public opening this Sunday Sept. 14 (1-7PM) for Francesco Clemente, George Condo, Chuck Connelly, Julio Galan & Daniel Lezama in the Pellizzi Family Collections.

Shuttle service is available from 450 W.15th St. RSVP here.

Photographs: Stephen Wise

ZachHorn-KidsTheseDays“My drawings are about my life, my memories, my messed-up psychology. I don’t plan them out. There is no order. the hardest part is not to filter. I have to trust that every stupid, off-beat, taboo idea bubbled up for a reason. I think it’s healthier for the drawings (and definitely therapeutic for me) to let it all out on the page. In the past they have called this inner voice, the muse, the subconscious, or the lizard brain. It’s all the same thing, trusting that little goblin in my head.” Zach Horn

New drawings by Zach Horn at Rare Art Properties, Inc., NYC, through Oct 9.

Photograph: Stephen Wise

HenrietteSimonPicker“We’re living in an upside down world.” Henriette Simon Picker

Artist Henriette Simon Picker, age 97, is not slowing down. In fact she’s speeding up — producing 70-80 paintings per year. After attending the Art Student League (1939-41), Mrs. Simon Picker went on to raise a family, and have a distinguish 45 year career designing shoes, with her painting back-burnered until she picked it up again at age 92. Her first solo show was three years later.

One of her latest works: Coney Island, 2014 is on display at Carter Burden Gallery in NYC, as part of a group show, through August 21, 2014.

Photograph: Stephen Wise

Golub2014lGolub2014q“I saw the best minds of my generation destroyed by madness, starving hysterical naked.” Allen Ginsberg, Howl, 1956

Artist Andy Golub is at it again — along with an army of artists he painted 40 nude models today in Columbus Circle. This year’s performance was sanctioned by the City. In the past he’s been arrested for his ‘art’.

Perhaps NYC officials wanted to distract the people away from the evil being perpetrated by the U.S. and Israeli governments, vis-a-vis Ukraine and Gaza.

Photographs: Stephen Wise

Underwater-DweckSchatz1MichaelDweckHowardSchatzStaley-Wise Gallery is showing underwater photographic works by Howard Schatz and Michael Dweck through August 29, 2014.

Photographs: Stephen Wise

PokettoNYC2014PokettoNYC2014bIf you could find anything you like in a pocket what would it be? Write it. Draw it. Leave it in a pocket.

Installation by: Niizeki Hiromi

AnNgocPham-FlagsAnNgocPham-Flags2Topaz Arts, Inc. presents An Ngog Pham: Flags, a solo exhibition of woodwork, sculpture and painting, through September 14, 2014.

RioultDanceNY2014RioultDance2014eRioult Dance NY, a leading American modern dance company with a classic sensibility, is preparing for its New York Season at the Joyce Theater (June 17-22). The twelve-dancer company is led by husband and wife team Pascal Rioult and Joyce Herring — both former Martha Graham Dance Company principal dancers.


AyanoSudo2014a (2)Japanese art photographer Ayano Sudo at the AIPAD Photography Show. She is represented by Picture Photo Space from Osaka, Japan.

Ms. Sudo’s work oscillates between the Japanese ‘kitty’ and the Western ‘pussy’ ways of being (and non-being).


Stephen B. Wise


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