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Haber-ThePanthers (2)AnnaSchuleitHaber (2)Anna Schuleit Haber’s recent paintings, The Panthers, “made in dialogue with Thomas Bernhard’s darkly comic fiction,” are on display at the German Consulate in NYC (871 United Nationa Plaza) through January 2, 2015.

Photograph: Stephen Wise

Matisse-CutOutsMatisse-CutOuts2Given the way their sports teams are performing, many New Yorkers sought consolation this weekend with Matisse’s Cut-Outs at MoMA.

Photographs: Stephen Wise

GeorgiaOKeeffe-JimsonWeed1GeorgiaOKeeffe-Sotheby'sIn describing Lot #11 of today’s American Art Auction at Sotheby’s, the program reads: “In Jimson Weed/White Flower No. 1 (from 1932), O’Keeffe transforms the poisonous into the sublime.”

When the bidding was over, the amount on the board was $39,500,000 ($44,400,000, with fees for Sotheby’s).

Photographs: Stephen Wise

Sotheby's-RothkoMrsPaulMellonThe 43 Masterworks from the Collection of Mrs. Paul Mellon (1910-2014) were all sold at Sotheby’s last evening. Two paintings by Mark Rothko were featured in the Collection, including Yellow, Orange, Yellow Light Orange (1955) which sold for $36.5 million.

In 2012, another Rothko painting Orange, Red, Yellow (1961) sold for $87 million at a Christie’s auction (the addition of Red was worth an extra $50 million).

Given that American Abstract Expressionist Art has long been used by the CIA and U.S. State Department, as a tool (weapon) in U.S. foreign policy, it’s fitting that this post falls on Veterans Day. Mr. Rothko took his own life in 1970.

Photographs: Stephen Wise

Christie'sAmericanArt2014Christie'sAmericanArtAmerican Art Auction at Christie’s — November 19, 2014

Photographs: Stephen Wise

CarNYC-Mustang2014USMC2014United States Marine Corps Birthday — November 10, 1775.

Photographs: Stephen Wise

GeorgiaOKeeffe1GeorgiaO'Keeffe-CallaLillies1924 (2)GeorgiaOKeeffe-JimsonWeed (2)In 1916, when Alfred Stieglitz was presented with charcoal drawings done by a young Georgia O’Keeffe (1887-1986), he exclaimed: “finally a woman on paper!”

Ms. O’Keeffe’s independence, personal struggles, and unique aesthetic made her a symbol of the “new woman,” according to art critic Barbara Rose in 1967.

With gender neutrality de rigueur and pernicious in America today, Georgia O’Keeffe’s life and work are as relevant as ever.

There are several New York art auctions scheduled for the coming days, that include major works by O’Keeffe, among them: Calla Lilies-1924 at Christie’s Nov. 19 (middle), and Jimson Weed-1932 (bottom photo) at Sotheby’s, Nov. 20.

Photographs: Stephen Wise

ifpda2014iifpda2014fThe International Fine Print Dealers Association (IFPDA 2014 edition), with works ranging from Durer to Hirst, is underway at the Park Avenue Armory, Nov. 6-9.

Photographs: Stephen Wise

5Pointz102814a5Pointz103114The LIC building that for 10+ years housed the 5 Pointz graffiti family is in the final stage of being demolished, after being whitewashed last November.

5Pointz2013dEach rip of the METRO equipment seems to gnash at the spirit and hopes of the artists (and community) — whose participation had made it special place.

Photographs: Stephen Wise

CalvaryCemetery2014CalvaryCemetery2014cCalvaryCemetery2014uCalvaryCemetery2014gOur memory of the past should help us live better in the present, while we yearn for eternity.

Photographs: Stephen Wise



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