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FashionWeek09-14mFashionWeek09-14gFashionWeek0914ePhotographs: Stephen Wise


FriarsClub2013Rickles (2)Joan Rivers regaled her colleagues at last year’s Friars Club Roast of Don Rickles. Included in the photo are: John Meyer, Aturo Sandoval, Joan Rivers, Bob Newhart, Don Rickles, Kathy Griffin, Freddie Roman, Bob Saget & Jack Black.


Photograph: Stephen Wise

CzechDance2014jCzechDance2014bCzechDance2014 (2)CzechDance2014yyCzech Dance Panorama, a dance event and fashion show, held last night at the Bohemian National Hall in NYC, included the street dance show T-Bass.

One of the dance routines by T-Bass included the rap lyrics: “too afraid to grow-up.”

The rebellion and self-seeking, that underlies today’s data driven world (of egos & algos), is making harder for people to grow-up.

Photographs: Stephen Wise

VladHolidayVlad Holiday, front man for the alternative rock band Born Cages, worked on a video in Tompkins Square Park today.

The American ‘way of life’ is producing plenty of displaced (and caged) persons, at home and abroad.

LuvBombLove Bombs by Georgian artists Eteri & Gocha Chkadua.

KoonsFor Jeff Koons the balloon represents optimism and death.

“A very dark view of the future has been superimposed on our incorrigible optimism. We are children playing with adult toys. They have proved too much for us to handle. But in our defense, we are probably not the only ones for whom they are too much.” Allan Bloom, The Closing of The American Mind (Simon & Schuster, 1987)

TheLastship2014kTheLastShip2014TheLastShip-JansenBradfieldTheLastShip2014jNew York fashionistas are brushing up on the art of survival ahead of The Last Ship, premiering June 22.

In an interesting twist, “The Quarantini” cocktail, a special concoction for the Americans trying to save the world, is made with Russian vodka.

Photographs: Stephen Wise

TheLastShipOne needs a good filter to breath American pop-culture.


TimesSquare-Bloomsday2014Liberty Leading the People — perhaps to hell.

America’s “Rights Revolution” is turning the ‘oppressed’ into perps.

Photograph: Stephen Wise


SalvatorePetrosinoSVA-CrossroadsCrossroads Cultural Center, in collaboration with the School of Visual Arts in New York, screened the finalists of their Seventh Annual International Short Film Festival this evening at SVA.

Salvatore Petrosino, Director of Film, Video & Animation Dept., SVA, (photo) commented on the films for those in attendance.

Four of the five Festival films that we saw dealt with mental health issues—perhaps the single biggest problem in America today, especially among her elites, for whom truth is not an option.

“I couldn’t be more optimistic about the future of this country.” Rep. Eric Cantor (R-Virginia), June 11, 2014

Photograph: Stephen Wise


Stephen B. Wise


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