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Rockaways2014“A lamp to my feet is your word, a light to my path.” Psalm 119:105

Photograph: Stephen Wise


RockawayBeach2014GuardIn NYC an all too familiar story plays out with ‘black-youth lawbreakers confronted by white cops.’

Out on Rockaway Beach there’s a twist to the story. There you can find black guards, of the New York City Parks and Recreation Department, pleading with white beach goers to get out of the water after the life guards leave at 6PM.

In dangerous waters, where strong under-currents claim lives every year, children are allowed (even encouraged) by their parents to swim unprotected after hours. The guards do the best they can to get people out of the water, but are often ignored, even derided, by those they are trying to protect.

Photograph: Stephen Wise

TimesSquare082814TimesSquare082814b“Heresy promotes the business spirit.” Spanish proverb

A boy visiting Times Square with his family paid a stripper (wearing only a G-string and paint) to have his picture taken with her, under the protective gaze of NYPD.

A woman in the crowd (white shirt), who witnessed the encounter, confronted the boy’s parents, reprimanding them for promoting such activity.

In September 2011, a painted (naked) model was arrested in Times Square for being a painted (naked) model in Times Square. In 2012 her case was overturned, on the grounds that her work was ‘performance art’ — and the city gave her $15,000.

Analysis: Today in America there exists widespread distrust of society’s leaders, especially in matters regarding children (see vaccines & education). The sanctioning of such activities in Times Square makes it easy to understand why.

The cost of impurity is diminished consciousness and peace, within and among persons, leading to a more brutal and violent society.

America’s ‘rights revolution’ — unburdened by truth, and aided by rebellious lawyers and judges who have weaponized the courts, is leading to darkness and chaos. But for the opportunists, “That’s the idea!”

Photographs: Stephen Wise

USOpen082714USOpen082714bPhotographs: Stephen Wise


5Pointz#7Train20135PointzDemolitionAfter white-washing the graffiti mecca last November, the building’s owner began demolition today.

Top Photo: October 2013; Bottom Photo: August 22, 2014

Photographs: Stephen Wise

WhiteDiner en Blanc, the viral impromptu chic picnic, where everyone wears white, arrives in NYC, August 25.

This year’s meal, expected to draw 4000 people, will feature white wines from Bordeaux.

CleanOur favorite products at NY Now were: Clean eau de parfum, Scottish Fine SoapsAcca Kappa soaps, and Virginia Cocktail Fine Virginia Peanuts.

Pig-themed products seemed to be everywhere, from Hammond’s Pigs N’ Taters (milk chocolate with bacon bits), to pig dolls from Maileg.




Tutem-MasksmyzenhomeNY NOW, billed as the ‘market for home and lifestyle,’ opened today with 2800+ vendors from 55 countries.

A couple of products that caught our eye — the personal microbe manager mask from Tutem and the yoga cushion from MyZenHome.

VladHolidayVlad Holiday, front man for the alternative rock band Born Cages, worked on a video in Tompkins Square Park today.

The American ‘way of life’ is producing plenty of displaced (and caged) persons, at home and abroad.

GazaProtest-JacksonHeights080214A small but motivated group, opposed to Israeli treatment of the Palestinians. gathered in Jackson Height’s Diversity Plaza today. They were joined by Jewish activist Nathan Finkelstein, who decried Israel’s characterization of its Gaza incursion as ‘mowing the lawn every few years.’ He wants people to “never forget and never forgive” those who enabled and perpetrated — “the mowed lawn.”

Analysis: The flaw in Mr. Finkelstein’s message is his encouragement to “never forget and never forgive.” Such is the recipe for hate. The pathology in Israel, a state built on hate (“We fight, therefore we are”), is testimony to that.

The best hope for Jews, to achieve justice, righteousness, love and peace, is to set aside Zionism (egoism), and embrace the New (everlasting) Covenant — rooted in solidarity with their Creator and fellow man.


Stephen B. Wise


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