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JohnDean073014bJohn Dean, White House Counsel for Richard Nixon (1970-73), was hawking his latest book: The Nixon Defense on the Upper West Side this evening.

It seems an odd title for the book given Dean’s role in the Watergate break-in, and the subsequent bringing down of the Nixon White House.

Mr. Dean recounted confronting Nixon with the news that a “cancer” had formed on his Presidency, and yet it doesn’t appear that Mr. Dean did anything, as White House Counsel, to prevent the cancer in the first place.

Photograph: Stephen Wise

TimesSquareNYPD072814New York City may have solved its problem of predatory Spiderman and Elmo characters, intimidating tourists for tips, in Times Square.

Today in Times Square, one tourist-after-another got their picture taken with this member of the NYPD, and he wasn’t asking for tips.

Golub2014lGolub2014qArtist Andy Golub is at it again — along with an army of artists he painted 40 nude models today in Columbus Circle. This year’s performance was sanctioned by the City. In the past he’s been arrested for his ‘art’.

Perhaps NYC officials wanted to distract the people away from the evil being perpetrated by the U.S. and Israeli governments, vis-a-vis Ukraine and Gaza.

Photographs: Stephen Wise


West 27th St. NYC, July 24, 2014

MosaicManThe Mosaic Man of NYC is finishing up his homage to gangster Lucky Luciano, on St. Mark’s Place in the East Village.

Mr. Luciano’s family lived in the area after moving to the U.S. from Italy in the early 1900’s. He was deported back to Italy in 1946, but before leaving is credited with creating organized crime in America — and being the ‘boss of bosses’ (a title he never accepted).

Today the gangsters in the neighborhood include Private Equity firms who are buying up commercial and residential properties, and charging exorbitant rents.

Hustlers2014They offer free music, usually to trusting tourists, and then do a full court press to get a donation.

A member of NYPD told LE yesterday: “We can’t do anything because we’ll get sued.”

Underwater-DweckSchatz1MichaelDweckHowardSchatzStaley-Wise Gallery is showing underwater photographic works by Howard Schatz and Michael Dweck through August 29, 2014.

Photographs: Stephen Wise


PuddinNYC1 (2)PuddinNYCPuddin’, on St. Marks Place, is the place to go for pudding in NYC.

Photographs: Stephen Wise

NYCPride2014fPrideNYC2014eNYCPride2014hPrideNYC2014hPeople with same-sex attractions are being targeted, encouraged and exploited by conniving politicians and corporate interests.

Photographs: Stephen Wise


Stephen B. Wise


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