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ElmoConfronted-TimesSquare (2)An Elmo in Times Square is kept honest by a pit bull dressed as Santa, December 14, 2014.

It’s been a drama-filled year for the Elmos, and other costume-wearing characters, in Times Square, some of whom have been charged with harassing, groping, and assaulting tourists, and cops.

Photograph: Stephen Wise

March-Justice121414The protest marches, disruptions, vandalism and violence are less about correcting injustices than about anarchy and power, even hatred.

“F**ck the justice system. F**ck the police!” Nunu (friend of Eric Garner)

The NYPD is not alone in needing a culture change.

FDNY-ProfessionalServicesThe FDNY responded to a fire in Woodside, Queens today, amid reports that FDNY physical standards, in response to political pressure, are being relaxed, even eliminated, to get more women through the Fire Academy.

Today’s female activists for ‘equality’often times burn down the house to feel good about themselves, while betraying the sacred wisdom that should be theirs.

ProtestNYc2014aProtestsNYC2014Self-preservationists (including Cops) and activists are turning to self-assertion—leading to: “FU–I Am King” (and the ultimate loss of themselves), rather than transforming society by being good.

Photographs: Stephen Wise



LotusEditions-Wines“With wisdom we are always armed.”

As America’s nouveau riche (black women) gravitate towards wine, the world’s wine producers are racing to meet them with mid-level (even bulk) wines (while the nouveau riche of China get the better juice).

There are good wines being sold in the U.S. for under $30, even under $10 (see 2014 Beaujolais Nouveau, $9.99 in NYC), but one should be informed. There are plenty of wines in that range that would be better off in gasoline than in humans.

If your price range is under $30, may we suggest:

  • Younger wines.
  • Second labels of blue chip producers.
  • Champagne over Prosecco.

Some wines that we enjoyed at a recent tasting (available at Eataly in NYC):

  • Bardolino Classico DOC “Vigna Morlongo” 2013 ($10)
  • Valpolicella DOC Superiore Ripasso “Mara” 2012 ($17)

Photograph: Stephen Wise




Matisse-CutOutsMatisse-CutOuts2Given the way their sports teams are performing, many New Yorkers sought consolation this weekend with Matisse’s Cut-Outs at MoMA.

Photographs: Stephen Wise

GeorgiaOKeeffe-JimsonWeed1GeorgiaOKeeffe-Sotheby'sIn describing Lot #11 of today’s American Art Auction at Sotheby’s, the program reads: “In Jimson Weed/White Flower No. 1 (from 1932), O’Keeffe transforms the poisonous into the sublime.”

When the bidding was over, the amount on the board was $39,500,000 ($44,400,000, with fees for Sotheby’s).

Photographs: Stephen Wise

ConchaYToro-DonMelchorConchaYToro-Enrique (2)The Wine Spectator announced its Top 100 Wines of 2014 on Monday. Topping the list was Dows 2011 Vintage Porto, an unusual choice with few if any bottles available. Dows has already released its 2012. But coming in at #9 was a favorite of ours, Concha Y Toro Cabernet Sauvignon Don Melchor 2010, which is available at Zachy’s for $125, as of last night (while supplies last).

Don Melchor Technical Director (Winemaker): Enrique Tirado Santelices


BarbarianWomenAs seen on Madison Ave., November 16, 2014

SalonArt&Design2014aSalonArt&Design2014hSalonArt&Design2014dSalonArt&Design2014eThis year’s Salon Art & Design, at the Park Avenue Armory, has brought together 55 galleries from around the world and runs through November 17.

Some of the important items at the show include: a sofa by Karre Klint, a painting (top) by Giorgio De Chirico, and the Red Billet Armchair by Gerrit Rietveld (1924).


Stephen B. Wise


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