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MosaicManThe Mosaic Man of NYC is finishing up his homage to gangster Lucky Luciano, on St. Mark’s Place in the East Village.

Mr. Luciano’s family lived in the area after moving to the U.S. from Italy in the early 1900′s. He was deported back to Italy in 1946, but before leaving is credited with creating organized crime in America – and being the ‘boss of bosses’ (a title he never accepted).

Today the gangsters in the neighborhood include Private Equity firms who are buying up commercial and residential properties, and charging exorbitant rents.

Hustlers2014They offer free music, usually to trusting tourists, and then do a full court press to get a donation.

A member of NYPD told LE yesterday: “We can’t do anything because we’ll get sued.”

Underwater-DweckSchatz1MichaelDweckHowardSchatzStaley-Wise Gallery is showing underwater photographic works by Howard Schatz and Michael Dweck through August 29, 2014.

Photographs: Stephen Wise


PuddinNYC1 (2)PuddinNYCPuddin’, on St. Marks Place, is the place to go for pudding in NYC.

Photographs: Stephen Wise

NYCPride2014fPrideNYC2014eNYCPride2014hPrideNYC2014hPeople with same-sex attractions are being targeted, encouraged and exploited by conniving politicians and corporate interests.

Photographs: Stephen Wise

RaniaMatarMiddleEast-FemalePerspectiveOn a day that saw a prominent female activist gunned down in Libya, Howard Greenberg Gallery in NYC opened a photography exhibit titled The Middle East Revealed: A Female Perspective.

The show includes works by four contemporary Middle Eastern female photographers: Rania Matar (top photo) Reema Al Faisal, Boushra Almutawakel and Shadi Ghadirian, plus photographs by American Margaret Bourke-White from 1940 Syria.

Perhaps it can be said that ‘feminism’, rooted in egoism and materialism, leaves a vacuum in women and society—that is now being filled by PhARMA and militias.

The best antidote to egoism, and the key to satisfaction, for women and men, according to the Sufi writer Inayat Khan, is in understanding: “Thy will be done on earth as it is in Heaven.”

Photographs: Stephen Wise



PokettoNYC2014PokettoNYC2014bIf you could find anything you like in a pocket what would it be? Write it. Draw it. Leave it in a pocket.

Installation by: Niizeki Hiromi

PiratesRuleJust hours after giving the “Central Park 5″ $40 million, New York’s mayor De Blasio smugly marched in the City’s annual Mermaid Parade — dressed as a pirate.

As one cop told LE, the settlement is rooted in “politics not justice.”

AnNgocPham-FlagsAnNgocPham-Flags2Topaz Arts, Inc. presents An Ngog Pham: Flags, a solo exhibition of woodwork, sculpture and painting, through September 14, 2014.


Stephen B. Wise


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