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WhiteBlossoms-JacksonHeightsThe pure white blossoms of Spring offer a poignant contrast, on Earth Day, to the charred remains of an office building in Jackson Height, NYC, after a suspicious fire tore through it last night — the fourth fire there in the last year (according to a source at the scene).

The building houses Plaza College, which had announced plans to relocate later this year. In Jan. 2011 the New York Daily News ran a story on Plaza College with the headline: “Queens Plaza College is known for its links to crooked politician and bribes”.

Photograph: Stephen Wise



Backers of the ‘horseless e-carriage’ were at the New York Auto Show yesterday to present their electric ‘homage to the Brass Era’ vehicle (top photo), that they hope will replace the horse-drawn buggies in Central Park.

It’s common today for people to try to make what is old look new, and what is new look old. The cult of realism has led to a culture of deception—and the absurdly unreal, with the result being disorientation and even mental illness.

The maker of the horseless e-carriage engaged in a mental back-flip, into an empty pool, by asserting that his vehicle was an “organic reality-based tech successor” to the horses in Central Park.

If deception contributes to mental illness, and truth contributes to mental health, then the real horse-drawn carriages in Central Park are probably a healthier option for everyone, including the horses, than the horseless alternative.

CentralParkHorses2014aPhotographs: Stephen Wise





NYAutoShow2014cThe New York International Auto Show runs through April 27, 2014 at the Javits Center.

RendellKenneth W. Rendell, the venerable Upper East Side purveyor of autographs, historical letters, and documents, is no more.

SalvationArmy2014The universe of those interested in historical U.S. documents is getting smaller, just as the number of establishments willing to take U.S. $50 & $100 bills (Grant & Franklin) is getting smaller.

AIPAD2014JacksonFineArtThe Association of International Photography Art Dealers (AIPAD) is at the Park Avenue Armory through April 13 with eighty-four fine art photography galleries from around the world.

AIPAD2014Turbeville (2)Of special note is the work of Deborah Turbeville (who passed away last October) at the Staley-Wise Gallery.

AffordableArtFair2014e (2)AffordableArtFair2014f (2)AffordableArtFair2014 (2)Now in its fifteenth year, the Affordable Art Fair (April 2-6) features 78 international galleries with works ranging from $100-$5000 — at the Metropolitan Pavilion.

TarasShevchenkoNYCTarasShevchenko2TarasShevchenko (2)The Ukranian Institute of America is hosting a Taras Shevchenko Bicentennial Conference (March 28-29) in NYC.

Taras Shevchenko (1814-1861), a Ukranian poet and artist with religious status, was invoked during the Maidan revolution, which has sought to unite Ukraine with ‘Western values,’ as one Jesuit put it.

Various religious leaders, including Catholics, supported the coup in Kiev, calling it a liberation movement—invoking God, prayer, and the Virgin Mary, as protesters forced Viktor Yanukovych from office, which seems somewhat disingenuous given how un-Christian Western values and the revolutionary movements have become.

Western values have historically been linked with Nature and Truth. Today the West is in revolt against both.


HawksNYC2014 (2)StreetHockeyNYCPhotographs: Stephen Wise

StPatricksGreenwichVillage (2)Our bold digital age, driven by egos and algos, is producing an endless stream of patients and perps — inverted and empowered. The resulting pathology needs healthy doses of truth, charity, and human solidarity.

If the St. Patrick’s Parade organizers are truly guided by the spirit of St. Patrick, they might consider letting the LGBT community march openly in next year’s parade.

It takes a village to recover reality, and advance the healing (of persons and society), so needed in the US.


Stephen B. Wise


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