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NYCMarathon2013NYCMarathon2013wwNYCMarathon2013chairNYCMarathon2013McFaddenGeoffrey Mutai (top) and Priscah Jeptoo (middle), winners of the NYC Marathon, at the 14 mile mark in Long Island City, Queens.

The wheelchair winners were Marcel Hug and Tatyana McFadden (bottom photo).

Photographs: Stephen Wise

TeamUSA2014TeamUSA2014aTeam USA slopestyle skiers, Alex Schlopy and Grete Eliassen, performed in Times Square today.

Slopestyle skiing, an Xsport, will have its Olympic premiere at Sochi.

Photographs: Stephen Wise

Linsanity1Linsanity: The Jeremy Lin Story, is a moving presentation of the David and Goliath story of NBA player Jeremy Lin. The film, put together by friends of Lin, is an intimate look at the journey of the son of Asian immigrants from high school to Harvard and the NYKnicks.

LinsanityA special showing of Linsanity┬áthis evening in New York included NYC Comptroller John Liu and the film’s director Evan Jackson Leong.

In America today a Goliath has been erected—as egoism and algorithms ‘chew everything into nothing.’ Jeremy Lin confronts that beast and wins, but the struggle continues for him and for us.

Photographs: Stephen Wise


ARodAlex Rodriguez, of the New York Yankees, greeted supporters this evening in front of Major League Baseball’s headquarters, where he is appealing his suspension for using performance enhancing drugs.

It seems hypocritical for a society that gives psychopharmaceuticals to millions of children (to improve concentration and academic performance) to then turn around and have a problem with athletes doing the same with HGH.

Photograph: Stephen Wise

BuonicontiFund2013Sports legends, celebrities and business leaders turned out to support NFL Hall of Fame linebacker Nick Buoniconti’s Fund, which aids spinal cord injury research—done by scientists at the Miami Project to Cure Paralysis.

According to their press release: “The Miami Project’s Christine E. Lynn Clinical Trials Initiative is designed to take discoveries found to be successful in laboratory studies and fast track them to human studies. Our FDA approved Schwann cell transplantation trial, the only one of its kind in the world, is changing the spinal cord injury field and sets an important foundation for future Miami Project cell replacement therapies.”

The problem is the Schwann cell transplantation trial uses harvested hESC (human embryonic stem cells) which undermines the moral integrity of society. A better approach would be to use stem cells from umbilical cord (placenta) blood.

Photograph: Stephen Wise

CraigKimbrelAtlanta Braves All-Star relief pitcher Craig Kimbrel accommodating autograph seekers in Manhattan today.

With a 98-99 mph fastball, Kimbrel’s 2012 Fielding Independent Pitching (FIP) statistic — which takes into account strikeouts, walks and HR allowed was .78 — the best in modern baseball history (ESPN).

Photograph: Stephen Wise

RyanChalmers1RuanChalmers3 (2)Ryan Chalmers, a 24-year-old U.S. paralympian born with spina bifida, took 71 days to travel 3000 miles across the United States in a wheelchair. The trip concluded on 6/15 with his arrival at New York’s Central Park.

The 27th Annual Great Sports Legends Dinner honored Alonzo Mourning, Lisa Leslie, Joe Torre, Shaquille O’Neal and Jake LaMotta among others, at a fundraiser for The Buoniconti Fund to Cure Paralysis.

Commentary: With all the problems in American society, it’s edifying to see excellence in sports.

Photographs: Stephen Wise

American John Isner, #9 in the world, defeated Xavier Malisse at the U.S. Open today. The 6’9″ Isner is top ranked among American men.

Also at the Open today, Kim Clijsters — three time winner of the U.S. Open — played her last singles match.

Photographs: Stephen Wise

Vesa Ponnka, Senior Director of Tennis at Junior Champions Tennis Center in College Park, MD, gave a class to tennis instructors today at the Tennis Teachers Conference in NYC.

Mr. Ponnka’s insights are directed at teaching tennis, but can be applied to any field or endeavor. For him creating a ‘culture of success’ requires character, the right mindset, and surrounding yourself with good people. He emphasized the need for coaches to be creative, disciplined, and consistent in order to keep players engaged. For him high performance tennis requires technical, tactical, mental, emotional, and physical proficiency. LE asked Mr. Ponnka if he saw digital devices as a hindrance to his player’s performance? He nodded saying “I’m old school on that.”


Stephen B. Wise


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