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TheBeast1TheBeastOn a day that saw a civilian jetliner shot down in the (American made) war-torn area of Eastern Ukraine, and the (American made) Israeli Military prepping to invade Gaza, President Obama roared through Manhattan to attend two PAC fundraisers.

It was Woodrow Wilson’s donors who most influenced his decisions to: enter World War I, support Zionism, and back the Russian Revolution.

The American ‘way of life’ (since 1846) is killing people.

“To abuse ye, an’ to scorn ye/ An’ to plunder ye like sin.” James Russell Lowell on President Polk’s plan to take California from Mexico in 1846

You certainly have good reason
For feeling as you do
No wonder you are anxious
Because its perfectly true
You own a world that has had its day.
—W. H. Auden.

SafeBondsDuring the Great War (1914-1918) the U.S. Government pressured ordinary Americans into buying government Liberty Bonds ($25 billion) to fund the Allies’ war of choice. The government did not repay the bonds to the people as promised. Instead the bonds were rolled into new securities. When the people were finally repaid, in the 1930’s, it was not with gold, as had been promised, but with devalued dollars, wiping out many households — thus the Great Depression.

In 1910 the U.S. National Debt was $1.26 billion (6.8% of GNP), by 1919 it had grown to $25.49 billion, and by 1947, $258.29  billion. A good portion of the debt came from the government loaning (Liberty Bond money) to war combatants who then bought war supplies from the U.S. but didn’t repay the original loans. In his War Memoirs, David Lloyd George recounts exporting $600,000,000 worth  of gold to the U.S. prior to America’s April 1917 entry into the war.

“By the time America came into the War, our capacity to produce further securities to sell in the States to pay for our purchases there was approaching the end.” David Lloyd George, War Memoirs (1934)

But the British had something the American Zionists (who got Wilson elected) desperately wanted, and for which Wilson had lobbied Lloyd George, Palestine. On November 2, 1917 the Balfour Declaration was delivered. On November 3, 1917 (as Lloyd George recounts in his Memoirs) the first Americans died on the Western (French) Front.

Today the government of Israel is selling Israeli Bonds for as little as $100 to anyone who wants to buy them. One insider we spoke with said there have been $34 billion sold, including to American pension funds. The government of Israel has debt of over $200 billion with revenues of $68 billion (2011). It doesn’t take a PhD to see trouble ahead for holders of Israeli debt.

In spite of overwhelming evidence to the contrary, the leaders and people of the United States and Israel cling to notion that they are exceptional — possessing moral authority, while making the world safe for democracy.

PrideNYC2014r“Tis pride that pulls the country down.” Shakespeare, Othello

Pride leads to darkness, blindness and brokenness. Only humility can heal us, and lead us to know the love of God.

Father'sDay2014 (2)For the United States, a country without father and mother, supplements are often used to fill the void.

A better way starts with being in the Spirit.

We’re not orphans when we participate in being in a conscious and concrete way.

SalvatorePetrosinoSVA-CrossroadsCrossroads Cultural Center, in collaboration with the School of Visual Arts in New York, screened the finalists of their Seventh Annual International Short Film Festival this evening at SVA.

Salvatore Petrosino, Director of Film, Video & Animation Dept., SVA, (photo) commented on the films for those in attendance.

Four of the five Festival films that we saw dealt with mental health issues—perhaps the single biggest problem in America today, especially among her elites, for whom truth is not an option.

“I couldn’t be more optimistic about the future of this country.” Rep. Eric Cantor (R-Virginia), June 11, 2014

Photograph: Stephen Wise

D-DayOn June 6, 1944, Allied Forces (U.S., England & Canada) succeeded in surprising Hitler, and the Wehrmacht, with their landing at Normandy.

Days later, Hitler still believed it was a diversion, and that the main landing would be at Calais. By then the Allies had landed 1 million troops and 500, 000 tons of material. So desperate had the situation become for the Germans that Field-Marshal Rommel told Hitler “the West would inevitably smash through the Normandy front and break into the homeland.” He urgently requested that the war be brought to an end. Hitler responded to Rommel’s assessment with: “Rommel has lost his nerve; he’s become a pessimist. In these times only optimists can achieve anything.” Adolf Hitler, John Toland (Doubleday, 1976).

The war with Germany could have ended in the days after D-Day. On July 20, 1944 an attempt was made on Hitler’s life. Many of his top generals knew it was over and would have handed Hitler over if the Allies had been willing. There was even a deal in place with the U.S. for Stalin to join the fight against Japan as soon as Hitler had been defeated. Churchill and Stalin had other ideas. As a result the wars in Europe and the Pacific waged on and were more costly, with millions more lives being lost because of sordid leadership.

“The United States had given us the most handsome assistance in the fight against Germany.” Winston Churchill

Had the U.S. stayed out of the WWI (The Great War) there would have been no Hitler or Holocaust. By appeasing Churchill, Roosevelt kept England from settling with Germany (Germany tried in 1940), which would have been better for the world.




MemorialDayUSA2014aThe service of American men and women, in uniform, has for over 100 years been abused by wrongheaded and corrupt politicians seeking empire, revenge, and spoils. The result is a malevolent state that undermines its own people’s well-being, and that of the world.


RussiaToday (2)We felt safe riding a NYC subway with this Russian yesterday. He told LE that many people in New York have come up to him, saying they like Putin.

Communism failed in Russia. Democracy failed in the United States.

U.S. leaders think that by pushing interventions/revolutions around the world they will be ‘freeing’ others (now!) and reversing America’s decline. In doing so they have acted dishonestly, created misery for millions of people, and destabilized the world.

Going forward, Putin is less untruthful than Obama, McCain and Congress.

“The whole of government consists in being honest.” Thomas Jefferson

EdwardJacobson (2)“We told them (the British statesmen): ‘The Jews will go to Palestine anyhow, whether you want it or not. There is no power on earth that can stop the Jews from getting to Palestine. You gentlemen can make it easy for them; you can make it difficult. In making it easy you will derive considerable advantages for yourself. Help us and it will help you.'” Chaim Weizmann, 1919

The Jewish obsession for Palestine has led to the corruption of numerous U.S. presidents, from Woodrow Wilson up to and including President Obama — as well as Congress. Today Syria is suffering because of that obsession and corruption.

“Lloyd George, the wartime Prime Minister of Great Britain (WWI), testified many years later, in 1936, before one of the Royal commissions appointed to ‘inquire into the Palestine problem’ that the publication of the Balfour Declaration at that particular time was dictated by ‘propagandistic reasons.’ Lloyd George stated that the ‘Zionist leaders gave a definite promise that, if the Allies committed themselves to giving facilities for the establishment of a National Home for the Jews in Palestine, they would do their best to rally Jewish sentiment and support throughout the world to the Allies’ cause. They kept their word.'” Pictorial History of Israel (Thomas Yoseloff, 1958)

In return for getting Wilson and the U.S. into World War I, the Zionists received a commitment from Great Britain for Palestine.

Had the U.S. stayed out of the Great War, it most likely would have ended sooner (Germany sought peace in 1916 but England resisted knowing the U.S. was getting in). Hitler wouldn’t have emerged. WWII, the Holocaust, and the Cold War could have been avoided.

Photograph: Edward Jacobson leaving the White House on June 26, 1946, after urging President Truman to support a Jewish homeland in Palestine.


Stephen B. Wise


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