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Americans2014“We’re #1!” (“I am King!”) is not the way to sustainability nor a good legacy. Better to let the Lord be The One.


IndianOn October 12, 1492 Admiral Christopher Columbus, leading a squadron of three Spanish ships, anchored off an island (in the Bahamas) which he later named San Salvador.

After 522 years of ‘progress’ in the Americas, some are realizing that the best hope for humankind is a return to some of the Old World ways.

WeRoll“That’s how we roll.” President Obama

Photograph: Stephen Wise


CGI2014-ObamaCGI – September 23, 2014

While addressing the Clinton Global Initiative, President Obama called for building up civil society. He said “when people are free to speak their minds and hold their leaders accountable governments are more responsive and effective.”

The story in the U.S., since the Spanish-American War (1898), has been the disconnect between the government and the will of the American people, as well as the lack of accountability for government officials who violate their office. The Obama administration is no exception, having acted unilaterally without Congressional approval, and without UN Security Council approval in bombing targets in Syria. But more importantly, as with past presidents, acting without regard for the will of the American people. This is not to say that that majority is always right, but in the words of Aristotle regarding the “whole”: “to be beautiful a living creature, and every whole made up of parts, must not only present a certain order in its arrangement of parts but also be of a certain magnitude.”

ISIS is evil, but ISIS was created by U.S. foreign policy with help from Saudi Arabia. Evil can’t be overcome with more evil, which is what a unilateral U.S. response amounts to (the U.S. strikes are a sham anyway given Saudi involvement).

After years of being deceived and disregarded, the American people are now too damaged and disconnected from truth and each other to be able to reform their government.

Mr. Obama talked about preserving democracy and keeping Americans safe. But his actions have done the opposite. By anyone’s definition of democracy (an honest person knowing the facts would have to conclude) the democracy experiment in the United States has failed — with the U.S. now acting as a barbarian on the world stage.

Photograph: Stephen Wise


CGI2014CGI-CrimeSceneAt this year’s Clinton Global Initiative Annual Meeting, the operative word, according to Hillary Clinton, is interconnectedness, and the mantra is “Re-imagining Impact.”

Given the nature of CGI (public-private access & engagement), the speakers, the attendees, the sponsors, and alas the credulous press, it’s only fitting that NYPD surrounded the meeting’s venue with “crime scene” tape.

The biggest crime being committed today, especially among society’s elites, is in the setting aside of Logos — and re-imagining the world in their own image. This leads to utilitarianism (with people using others for profit and pleasure), rather than fostering real interconnectedness based on truth and love.

There is a pattern to life that is being violated today by rights activists and capitalists. An example of that came in one of the sessions with Hillary Clinton saying: “We can not grow the global economy if we do not open the doors to women.” She went on to say that “it’s distressing to see how hard change still is…with those external and internal obstacles that are cultural and religious, and based in views of women’s roles and their capacities that are just no longer affordable — they’re wrong and they’re also no longer affordable.”

Photographs: Stephen Wise


NoMenDuring the Reign of Terror in France (1793-4) a French Royalist, Mallet Du Pin, is reported to have said: “There are no longer any men in France, there are only events.”

Today in the United States the same could be said — with one addition: “There are no longer any men in the U.S., there are only events and brands.”

In the recent case of Ray Rice, the NFL player involved in domestic violence, we see the “NFL” brand and the “NOW” brand (National Organization for Women) more concerned with their brands than with the persons involved. The result is comic book justice, driven by mobs, as the Justice League swings into action. “Rice has to go!” “Godell has to go!” “Assad has to go!”

If the National Organization for Women were truly coherent in their activism against domestic violence, they would also be working to end abortions. Over 1 million abortions are performed in the U.S. each year — the worst kind of domestic violence — with victims all around.

FashionWeek09-14mFashionWeek09-14gFashionWeek0914ePhotographs: Stephen Wise


King2014iObama’s options dim when the protesters and cops act just like him.

One day we see Obama on the side of the rebels, throwing Molotov Cocktails (see Ukraine & Syria), and the next day on the side of the oppressors, murdering civilians (see Israel).

The answer can be found in being truthful, and not an egoist. Self-centeredness is not the way to be.

MadMen2014Brand anthropologists and Baptist ministers (especially corrupt ones) like to encourage herd and mob behavior.

Herds (faceless numbers) and mobs (raging sex organs) tend not to embody the truth, justice, and unity that engender healthy persons and society.

The mounting mental illness in America is testimony to that.

JohnDean073014bJohn Dean, White House Counsel for Richard Nixon (1970-73), was hawking his latest book: The Nixon Defense on the Upper West Side this evening.

It seems an odd title for the book given Dean’s role in the Watergate break-in, and the subsequent bringing down of the Nixon White House.

Mr. Dean recounted confronting Nixon with the news that a “cancer” had formed on his Presidency, and yet it doesn’t appear that Mr. Dean did anything, as White House Counsel, to prevent the cancer in the first place.

He was asked about “Nixon’s illegal (secret) bombing of Cambodia” and why he didn’t say anything to oppose it? Dean replied: “Why did I (as Counsel) not step in and say something about his bombing of Cambodia and the additional deaths that that would cause? The primary reason is because I was totally unaware of all those activities.”

That’s unlikely given that the press reported the story in May 1969.

Referring to the ‘secret’ bombing of Cambodia (1969-70), Walter Isaacson said in his book Kissinger: A Biography (Simon & Schuster, 1992): “American policy was edging toward what had heretofore been an unfamiliar realm: the use of military power not anchored by concerns about morality and international law.”

Analysis: Even a casual reading of American history, reveals that the U.S. government’s disconnect from morality and international law began long before the bombing of Cambodia. While Nixon may have been forced from office, his pardon by President Ford (a former member of the Warren Commission) represents the continuation of a pattern of no accountability in Washington, that continues to this day.

Photograph: Stephen Wise


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