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FranceUK-UNLE ran into two senior military officers, from France and England, outside the UN today, and asked them “What is the answer in Syria?” One replied: “No boots on the ground!”

Analysis: If that means the Asaad government can stay in power, “good.” If it means more refugees (Christians) get slaughtered, “not good.”

Starting in 2011 the Obama administration, along with a host of other bad actors — including France & England, sought to overthrow the legitimate Assad government in Syria — no doubt for reasons of plunder and to appease Israel and Saudi Arabia. ISIS and genocide were born out of that cabal.

The chaos, death and destruction in Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Egypt, Libya and now Ukraine, is the work of evil-doers, who likely see themselves as liberators.

RamseyClark2014Palestine2014gAddressing a gathering of Palestinian supporters in New York City today, Ramsey Clark (U.S. Attorney General 1967-69) said: “Until Gaza is free there’s no free place on earth, until Gaza is safe there’s no safe place on earth…when Gaza is free we’ll all be free!”

Photographs: Stephen Wise




KissingerOn this the 40th anniversary of President Nixon’s resignation from office, it’s worth recalling the 1973 Yom Kippur War, and Henry Kissinger’s expanded role in the government, with Nixon on the ropes from Watergate.

The war (pitting Egypt & Syria against Israel), broke out on October 6, 1973 — the inevitable consequence of Israeli policies and provocations under Golda Meir. By October 19, with Israel winning decisively, Kissinger traveled to Moscow to arrange a cease-fire. On his way he stopped in Israel, and reportedly urged the Israelis to gain more ground. Days later the cease-fire collapsed when Israel launched a major offensive that encircled the Egyptian army. Brezhnev then sent a letter to the White House urging joint American-Soviet intervention to stop the fighting. Feeling threatened by Moscow’s wording, Kissinger, with his NSC colleagues, “ordered a worldwide alert of U.S. military forces, including strategic nuclear and air defense forces.” The Kissinger Transcripts (The New Press, 1998)

Kissinger’s desire to keep the Soviets (Russians) out of the so-called Middle East peace process continues today, with no real peace process in sight, just status quo — permanent war. The U.S. and Israel are good with that.


GazaProtest-JacksonHeights080214A small but motivated group, opposed to Israeli treatment of the Palestinians. gathered in Jackson Height’s Diversity Plaza today. They were joined by Jewish activist Nathan Finkelstein, who decried Israel’s characterization of its Gaza incursion as ‘mowing the lawn every few years.’ He wants people to “never forget and never forgive” those who enabled and perpetrated — “the mowed lawn.”

Analysis: The flaw in Mr. Finkelstein’s message is his encouragement to “never forget and never forgive.” Such is the recipe for hate. The pathology in Israel, a state built on hate (“We fight, therefore we are”), is testimony to that.

The best hope for Jews, to achieve justice, righteousness, love and peace, is to set aside Zionism (egoism), and embrace the New (everlasting) Covenant — rooted in solidarity with their Creator and fellow man.

UN-Avengers2014Jewish Thinking (Cain): characterized by a strong sense of exceptionalism, security, and vengeance; finds expression in rebellion and domination — while seeking identity, redemption, and freedom.

The patient needs to be helped to overcome self-centeredness, to be truthful, and to understand that real justice starts with respecting and serving others.

Every effort should be made to disarm the patient, but ultimately the change has to come from within.

UkraineIntAirlinesLE met up with a flight crew from Ukrainian International Airlines (UIA) today in NYC, and asked one of the pilots about Malaysia Flight 17’s route-of-flight over Ukraine.

It hasn’t been widely reported in the Western media that Malaysia Flight 17 was ordered, by Kiev Air Traffic Control, to descend and change course, while passing over Ukraine — putting it dangerously close to the restricted air space in the combat zone.

The pilot we spoke with confirmed that Malaysia Flight 17 had indeed been ordered to descend and was rerouted toward the combat zone prior to being blown out of the sky.

Analysis: In January 1914, Tsar Nicolas II of Russia (to appease the revolutionaries and warmongers in his government) gave Serbia a blank check — “For Serbia we shall do everything.” The result was the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand and World War I.

President Obama, attempting to appease the revolutionaries and warmongers in Washington, supported the February 2014 coup in Kiev — giving the new gangster government there a blank check — which doesn’t bode well for the region and the world.

BRICSMisfitsCan the BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa) save the world from the Misfits (U.S., Israel, England)?

NepaleseAmericanFestival2014Jackson Heights, a section of Queens, NY, is inhabited by people from 84 countries — including 10,000 from Nepal.

Over the Fourth of July Weekend a festival was held in Jackson Heights for people from Nepal, sponsored by a man from Pakistan who is hoping to “Americanize” the Nepalese.

SupermanNYCWoman (2)Nepal is where the Sherpas are from. The U.S. is a place of (“I Am King”) pathology. Hopefully the Sherpas do not become Americanized. Americans should be more like the Sherpas.

Photographs: Stephen Wise



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