Just as the U.S. Debt clock near Times Square was poised to break through $15 trillion it reversed course.

In late May ’10 the Debt clock hit $13 trillion. In early January ’11 it passed through $14 trillion. Several weeks ago I noticed it had climbed to $14.86 trillion. Today it was at $14.39 trillion. Is the reduction because the U.S. government is paying down the debt, or because someone was told to change the clock? Perhaps this is what President Obama means by, “change we can believe in.”

If this is the way the government acts in plain sight, imagine what they do in private.

LE ran into Geraldo Rivera of Fox News today (lower photo), and mentioned the ‘rollback’ to him. He seemed surprised. Maybe he’ll help to spread the news about the U.S. government already exceeding the debt ceiling ($14.29 trillion) — by a lot, or maybe not given the cozy relationship between News Corp and Washington.

NewsCorp2Geraldo volunteered that News Corp in the U.S. was not doing any hacking, but he also said on July 5, 2011 that Casey Anthony “was a good mother.”

Photographs: Stephen Wise