JudaismThe virulent actions of the government and people of Israel towards the Palestinians makes one wonder what has happened to Judaism?

“Judaism aims to establish a relationship of devotion between man and God; but, in addition, it also seeks, and that with even greater emphasis, to establish a just and humane relationship between man and his neighbor.”

The ethics of Judaism, as we have seen, enjoin love and sympathy for our fellow-men, indeed for all our fellow creatures. One who is guided by this code places himself in perfect harmony with mankind. He regards his fellow-man not as a hinderance to his own well-being, but as a brother, as one who too is entitled to comfort and happiness, to opportunity for the expression of his personality. The application of its rules must render the individual who practices them righteous and loving and considerate; it moulds him more and more according to the pattern and attributes that are conceived as resident in God.

The preservation of Judaism and the preservation of the Jew are interlinked problems. Judaism without the Jew can only be an abstraction; the Jew without Judaism must gradually dissolve as a people.” Judaism, Rabbi Morris Lichtenstein, 1934

Photograph: Stephen Wise