SamBhatia (2)For those who enjoy Indian food, finding a suitable wine is always a challenge.

Sam Bhatia, a twenty-five year veteran of Continental Airlines, became frustrated with not having a good answer when asked what wines to pair with Indian cuisine. So he set out with a team of passionate wine lovers to create Sufi Wines, and a trio of French wines that match-up with the likes of Lamb Slidders, Soya Malai Tikka w/ Eggplant Chutney, Dal Laddoo w/ Relish Salad — and even Caviar on Coconut Shrimp.

Sufi Wines (under the brand Mirza Ghalib) is out with a 2011 White — Voigner, and a Red Blend. The Rose is coming later this year. The ‘Sufi Wines’ we tried really do compliment Indian dining.