WeAreMarching‘Being American’ has come to mean not being at all.

On the 50th Anniversary of King’s ‘March on Washington’ President Obama tried to keep the March going with his own speech at the Lincoln Memorial. Sadly Obama’s mindset is the opposite of King’s. As a result, the March and country are going in the wrong direction.

Martin Luther King Jr. understood the nature of being and participated in it. Barack Obama, the pragmatist and supporter of anarchy and tyranny, seems to be following the Marx program of non-being.

In his critique of Marx, King had this to say: “First I rejected their materialistic interpretation of history. Communism, avowedly secularistic and materialistic has no place for God. This I could never accept, for as a Christian I believe that there is a creative personal power in the universe who is the ground and essence of all reality — a power that cannot be explained in materialistic terms. History is ultimately guided by spirit, not matter. Second, I strongly disagreed with communism’s ethical relativism. Since for the Communist there is no divine government, no absolute moral order, there are no fixed, immutable principles; consequently almost anything — force, violence, murder, lying — is a justifiable means to the ‘millennial’ end.” Martin Luther King Jr., Stride Toward Freedom (Harper & Row, 1958)

Martin Luther King’s rebellion against society’s unjust conventions contributed to real progress for humanity. Barack Obama’s rebellion against the ‘pattern of life’ (a la Trotsky) is contributing to humanity’s retreat.