PressingObombaMore than a few prominent Jews, including some in the media, have it in their head that bombing Syria would be a good thing. Perhaps they think it will make Israel more secure. Maybe it’s the thrill of rebellion, or revenge, or the spoils of war. Whatever it is, it’s pathological.

Wasn’t it the U.S. and Israel (among others) supporting the rebels, that led to the 100,000+ deaths and the destabilization in the first place? U.S. foreign policy continues to undermine global order rather than support it. If the U.S. bombs Syria it won’t be for legitimate (humanitarian) reasons, or within a legal framework, but rather because key officials have been bought by interest groups. Pathology shouldn’t be allowed to drive American foreign policy.

Would that the Jews of today had the spirit of their forefathers:

“May Thy blessing rest, O God, on this country, its people and its rulers, that peace and prosperity may dwell within these borders. Unite all the people of these United States into one common bond of brotherhood, that sentiments of peace, charity, and friendship may influence all their thoughts and actions, and may the spirit of humanity and civilization compass them on every side. Command Thy blessing  to rest on all mankind, now and evermore. Amen.” Standard Marchsor for New Year (Bloch, 1925)