The MachineGarry Kasparov’s epic 1997 chess match against the IBM super-computer, Deep Blue, has been re-imagined as performance art — The Machine is at the Park Avenue Armory through September 18, 2013.

In a game where humans are trained to be machine-like killers, and machines are programmed to be human-like, an interesting twist develops before and during Game 2 of the match when Kasparov is compelled to be human, albeit distracted, and the IBM machine plays like a human acting like a machine — so much so that Kasparov thought Deep Blue played with human intervention.

IBM had keen financial interests tied to the outcome of the match. At one point its stock price went up 25% while they were playing.

So now when humans are crushed by machines it’s because algorithms are mimicking human behavior. At the end of the performance Mr. Hsu, creator of Deep Blue, said to Gary Kasparov “there’s nothing to be afraid of…it’s an exciting time.”

Recent events would suggest otherwise, as egos and algos are combining to churn through the world in various ways.