CGI2013aThe 2013 CGI Annual Meeting is themed: “Mobilizing for Impact,” which CGI says will “focus on including the right people and resources needed to drive effective action in global challenges.”

In his opening remarks, President Clinton suggested that the “huge struggles” in the world emanate from those who think our “differences are greater than what we have in common.” He added that “we have to be a rebuke to those who would tear down.” That’s interesting, given that President Clinton, in March of 2011, advocated for the no-fly zone that led to the tearing down of the government of the sovereign state of Libya—an action that was supported by Secretary of State Clinton.

Over the years CGI has viewed Africa as a place to create change, in all areas, by bringing together the public and private sectors with non-profits and NGOs. During this year’s opening plenary, Sudanese tech entrepreneur Mohamed “Mo” Ibramim admonished companies doing business in Africa to “pay taxes” and “stop messing around with our resources.” He added that “for every corrupt leader in Africa there are 50 corrupt business leaders, and half of them are sitting here right now.”

Photograph: Stephen Wise