5Pointz-Nov1920135Pointz-Nov192013b5Pointz111913mThe 5Pointz crew awoke today to find their graffiti exhibit space had been whitewashed by the building’s owner, Jerry Wolkoff. Mr. Wolkoff is intent on demolishing 5Pointz and replacing it with two luxury high rise apartment buildings — after a 20 year arrangement that allowed graffiti artists to legally tag and work out of the building.

LE Observation: While operating within his legal rights, the owner’s actions are destroying something very special that has developed at 5Pointz over the years, which he himself helped to engender. Preserving the building as a graffiti landmark/museum/school could have been a win for everyone.

If the building has to come down, perhaps it would have been better for the artists, themselves, to have painted over it.

Grafitti Artist: “SEE TF”

Photographs: Stephen Wise