KennedyFamilyLE Observation: One of the legacies of Camelot is the notion that one can live a double life and be ok — ‘you can cheat on your spouse and still be a good president.’ Even with his many infidelities, JFK did manage to do the right thing in ending the Cuban Missile Crisis. And yet, in the end, it was most likely his and his family’s sins of the flesh, as well as Sinatra’s egoism, that got President Kennedy killed.

“An image remaining to me from the (Kennedy) inauguration ball…was of Frank Sinatra and his pack in a special box overlooking the festivities. Lounging in magisterial isolation above the excited crowd, Sinatra seemed not so much to rise to the honor of presidential favor as to deign to lend his presence to the occasion. A singer for all seasons, he proceeded to do the same for Ronald Reagan, as high above politics as royalty while transitory presidents arrived and departed.” Arthur Miller, Timebends (Grove Press, 1987)

The public-private criminal cabal, that coalesced around the Kennedy assassination, continues to thrive in the U.S. today.