Policeline2M.OsmaMiahIn recent years the number of pedestrians and bicyclists injured and killed by NYC motorists has gone up. During the last 24 hours three people walking on New York City streets were killed by motorists (one by a motorcyclist). On Friday 12/20, Nashat Nahian, a third grader living in Queens, was struck and killed by a truck driver while on his way to school. His funeral was held today (bottom photo).

When pedestrians, with the right of way, are killed by motorists, all too often the NYPD says there was “no criminality” involved. Mayor Bloomberg’s obsession with keeping crime stats down (artificially if need be) has made it less likely that motorists—who kill and maim pedestrians—will be charged with felonies. The result is emboldened and wreckless drivers — and a growing body count.

Photographs: Stephen Wise