CharlesHarbuttGreenberg2014The Howard Greenberg Gallery in NYC is presenting The Image Gallery Redux: 1959-1962 through February 15, 2014.

In 1959 a photographer named Larry Siegel opened a gallery dedicated exclusively to photography in a small storefront on East 10th Street in New York City. The Image Gallery, which remained open until 1962, featured the work of leading photographers of the day. The Greenberg exhibition features the work of 22 photographers, whose work was shown in that gallery, including Chales Harbutt (top photo).

“In those days, photographic prints were not well known,” Larry Siegel notes. “People would walk in, point to the wall, and ask, ‘What’s that?’ They thought I had cut the images out of a magazine!”

Charles Harbutt, a photographer, educator, and former head of Magnum, told LE that young people today have a hard time relating to a photograph, as an object, as well as sequencing to tell a story. Perhaps related to that was an anecdote he shared of Eugene Smith exhibiting at the Jewish Museum years ago. After hanging the show Smith noticed a sign that had been put up saying: “Do Not Touch the Artwork.” Mr. Harbutt then said that Smith (the consummate printer & artist) was delighted to touch one of his prints in front of that sign.