VikasKhanna2014 (2)“Everything you do is not merely for your own benefit, but rather for the benefit of all. If you have to trade your rice for your neighbor’s wool, the community is obliged to become deeply interdependent. This is how to live a life of deep spiritual meaning. Indeed the people of Bhutan work hard to maintain this spiritual connectedness.” Vikas Khanna, Return to the Rivers (Lake Isle Press, 2013)

Chef Vikas Khanna (seen here in the Spice Room of Junoon/NYC) is out with a new book: Return to the Rivers—Recipes and Memories of the Himalayan River Valleys, which he co-authored with Andrew Blackmore-Dobbyn.

Having lived in Bhutan, Mr. Vikas has a particular appreciation and passion for the Bhutanese way of life, including their simple yet rich cuisine. His new book is a treasure trove of recipes, photographs, and stories from throughout the Himalayas—sure to nourish body and soul.

ReturnToTheRiversPhotographs: Stephen Wise