TarasShevchenkoNYCTarasShevchenko2TarasShevchenko (2)The Ukranian Institute of America is hosting a Taras Shevchenko Bicentennial Conference (March 28-29) in NYC.

Taras Shevchenko (1814-1861), a Ukranian poet and artist with religious status, was invoked during the Maidan revolution, which has sought to unite Ukraine with ‘Western values,’ as one Jesuit put it.

Various religious leaders, including Catholics, supported the coup in Kiev, calling it a liberation movement—invoking God, prayer, and the Virgin Mary, as protesters forced Viktor Yanukovych from office, which seems somewhat disingenuous given how un-Christian Western values and the revolutionary movements have become.

Western values have historically been linked with Nature and Truth. Today the West is in revolt against both.