WomanDriver2014The ABC of It: Why Children’s Books Matter is presented at the New York Public Library through September 7, 2014.

From the exhibition guide:

“Behind every children’s book is a vision of childhood: a shared understanding of what growing up is all about. Accordingly, authoritative voices from the realms of theology, philosophy, psychology, and education have all played their part in shaping the nature of literature for young people…now and then, when visions of childhood clash, literature for young people becomes anything but child’s play.”

HumptyDumpty2014Just last week, life imitated (children’s book) art when the brother-in-law of Prince Charles, Mark Shand, was in NYC to help sell large Faberge eggs at a Sotheby’s auction. After the auction he slipped and fell, hitting his head, and later died. The egg he had sponsored was titled: Humpty Dumpty.