ChiantiNYC2014aChiantiNYC2014bForty-eight wine producers from the Chianti district in Italy were in NYC for a tasting yesterday. Many in the group, although well established in Europe, are seeking distribution in the US.

Chianti wines are made with at least 70% Sangiovese grapes; some producers use 100% Sangiovese. With all the flavor manipulation one sees in the wine world, wines made using 100% Sangiovese from Tuscany — and aged in concrete, offer a pure wine drinking experience, celebrating the fruit and terroir. For those who like blending there were plenty of options, with Italian varietals and others. Most of the producers we spoke with are seeking to minimize sulfites, with some having become completely ‘organic’.

Our favorites at the tasting were by: Tognetti, Tenute di Fraternita, Bindi Sergardi, Ruffino and Ravazzi.

Ravazzi makes an especially good Vin Santo, a sweet wine that is a new classification in the Chianti family.