KosciuszkoFoundation-KaratnyckyAdrian Karatnycky, of the Atlantic Council in Washington D.C., spoke at the Kosciuszko Foundation in NYC this evening.  He addressed the Ukranian Crisis, with particular emphasis on Poland’s role.

In recounting the factors leading up to the protests, which began on Nov. 21, 2013 and culminated in Victor Yanukovych’s removal from office, Mr. Karatnycky described the rear guard action taken by “alienated” oligarchs (controlling 40% of Ukraine’s economy) who became fed up with paying 50% of their earnings to Yanukovych. Mr. Karatnycky said that Mr. Yanukovych was taking in $4-5 billion/year from the oligarchs, and added that his mansion had cost $600 million (note: President Obama, a backer of the coup, built his 2012 re-election mansion with 1.2 billion from American oligarchs).

Mr. Karatnycky described the role played by Radoslaw Sikorski, Foreign Minister of Poland, during the Maidan Revolution, and suggested he might be in line for Catherine Ashton’s job at the EU.

Poland has gone along with Washington and the EU, in their plans for Ukraine, which someone pointed out has cost Poland economically, due to Russia’s economic retaliation.

In recounting a meeting with Polish government officials, Karatnycky said, with a chuckle, that someone asked “what do we have to show for it?” Referring to Poland’s support for Washington and Kiev.

LE asked Mr. Karatnycky if he knew of any countries, in recent years, that were better off for having thrown in their lot with Washington? He said “China”.

China and Russia seem to have figured out that the U.S. has become the Adam Lanza of the world, and are acting accordingly. Poland would do well to reconsider what it’s doing for Kiev on behalf of Washington.