Hadassah-EisenArnold Eisen, Chancellor of The Jewish Theology Seminary and a self-proclaimed religious, cultural and political Zionist, addressed the Hadassah community last evening on the subject of what Zionism/Judaism means in the 21st century.

“I don’t think Judaism survives without Jews and I don’t think Jews survive and flourish without the Jewish State…This is a great time to be a Jew, the resources we have at our disposal are truly mind-boggling. The question is whether we are going to have the intelligence to use the resources wisely.” Arnold Eisen

The view, and hope, of Mr. Eisen, and other religious Zionists, is that the modern state of Israel will help to revive Judaism around the world. He said that antisemitism is at a historic low level in the U.S. — with “assimilation and indifference” being the bigger problems.

TempleEmanu-ElAnalysis: Rather than providing a home for Judaism, the Zionist project is making Jews more homeless and alienated than ever — from their Creator (“lost sheep of the House of Israel”). Perhaps the tendency of the diaspora to abandon Zionism is more truthful than Zionism itself — which, in spite of the religious rhetoric, is a highly material and individualistic undertaking.

The better way is to make a home built with “living stones which rest upon the living corner-stone, which is Christ, and are built together into a holy temple, far surpassing any temple built by hands, into a habitation of God in the Spirit.” Pope Pius XII, Mystici Corpus Christi