Wines-WIK2The wine collection of William Koch, featuring 43,000+ bottles, many of the best wines of the last century — described by Serena Sutcliffe: “in oenological terms, it is a Bible” — was reduced by 20,000 bottles this past weekend, after a three day sell-off at Sotheby’s in New York.

The 2730 lots, including several DRC La Tache 1971, saw bidders willing to part with upwards of $34,000/bottle ($343,000 paid for 10 bottles Chateau Mouton-Rothchild, 1945), from a collection that had been riddled with bogus wines. Starting in 2005, Mr. Koch employed an army of experts (including FBI & CIA), spending $millions, to ferret out the fakes and bring those responsible to justice.

Only a scant 21 lots in the sale were wines from Spain. Perhaps Spanish wines were the ones he chose to keep. Good choice.