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riflemanHamletIt’s become fashionable for ‘elite’ schools in the U.S. to dump Shakespeare from their curriculum, and with it the lessons to avoid bad behavior and outcomes (To be rather than not to be). But judging by the way things are, most parents and teachers didn’t get those lessons either.

RockCenterTwenty-Seventeen will be remembered as a year that saw the Modern State of Israel, the greatest groper of them all, grabbing Jerusalem as its capital, with an  endorsement from America’s Groper-In-Chief. And countless women, many who have no problem killing their own babies, lining up to get men fired for little more than a shoulder massage.

At a time of heightened focus on identity, it’s important to understand that we gain ourselves—by losing ourselves—not through exploiting or dominating others but rather in serving them.

Woodside-SnowWoodside-Snow2Woodside-NOMANOMA, the new Spanish fusion restaurant on Roosevelt Ave., has steaks (Churrasco) as good as anywhere in NYC.



MexicanCoupleThis couple from Mexico, on their first visit to the US, checks out Times Square, 11/29.



Wine-ChateauJeanFaure2014Wine-ObaloFrom Saint Emilion to Rioja and Napa Valley — and then to Veneto, three special wines and a Grappa that make one want to give thanks: Chateau Jean Faure, 2014; Obalo Crianza, 2013; Stony Hill, Chardonnay, 2010; Botegga Alexander Grappa Cabernet.


PlayerWhile it’s true we are in end times — have been for two thousand years — contemporary man is less prepared than ever to meet his last (divine) end in the consummation of human history, because he has broken the right order that should reign within himself as well as between himself and other men and all creatures. Only when that order is restored can contemporary man be truly the new man.