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MadMen5Photograph: Stephen Wise

WilliamKleinPhotographer William Klein’s recent work: William Klein + Brooklyn (2013) is on display at Howard Greenberg Gallery, through May 2, 2015.

Born in New York, Mr. Klein, 86, now resides in Paris.

MOMA2015dMOMA2015bMarch 20, 2015 — Museum of Modern Art

Photographs: Stephen Wise

SheaCayuse (2)It’s been said that U.S. wines are experiencing a renaissance. From Oregon and Washington State, the wines of Shea Wine Cellars and Cayuse are a revelation.

DelhiArt-NYCDelhiArtGallery-BPrabhaDelhiArtGalleryDelhiArtGalleryNYC2015Delhi Art Gallery, with locations in New Delhi and Mumbai, is now open in the famed Fuller Building on 57th Street.

The gallery’s debut exhibition: India Modern features paintings and works on paper by 40 modern Indian artists (born before 1947), including K.H Ara, Krishen Khanna, and B. Prabha.

The modern project and its quest for the “essential” has often led to a revolt against being itself — with egoism and algorithms producing emptiness and death for individuals and society.

B. Prabha (1931-2001), one of two female artists in the show, in a painting done in 1964 (second from top) “evokes a bare desert landscape where one has come upon a small clump of dried trees, the survivors of a grove, the only vestiges of life in a wasted landscape of miles of sand or salty marsh.”

Hopefully contemporary Indian artists will inspire in their countrymen progress rooted in being, rather than the non-being so prevalent in the West.

Photographs: Stephen Wise

ASDT2015eASDT2015fAmandaSelwynDanceTheatre2015aThe Amanda Selwyn Dance Theatre began their fifteenth season with a World Premiere of Renewal at the Tribeca Performing Arts Center, March 13-15.

Photographs: Stephen Wise

AsianArtsWeek2015bAsianArtsWeek2015Asia Week New York (March 13-21) is a celebration of Asian art in NYC.

Auction Bonhams: March 16-18

CGI2013Livni“Our habits of thought forbid our entry into the most habitable regions in which we are most truly at home and ourselves.” Gabriel Marcel

Hopefully a Herzog/Livni victory will help Jews of Israel become their best self. But for that to really happen they need “a movement of return, a return to the body and broken moorings—created by withdrawal and self-origination”—then through participation, not self-affirmation, will they find true peace and fulfillment.

Photograph: Stephen Wise


Love&SqualorWineAt a recent tasting of global Indie Wineries, several Americans stood out: Eric Demuth Wines (Sonoma, CA), Farella Vineyards (Coombsville, Napa CA), Love and Squalor (Willamette Valley, Oregon), and Oyster River Wine Growers (Penobscott Bay, Maine).

Eric Demuth has an especially good Grenache, Farella a distinctive Cab, Love and Squalor memorable Rieslings and Pinots, and Oyster River a “Village White” with grapes from the Finger Lakes.

HailTheQueensIn a March 8, 2015 Wall Street Journal Op-ed, A Better World Ruled by Women, Dr. Melvin Konner writes: “There is every reason to think that a future national hierarchy staffed and led by women who no longer have to imitate men, dealing with other nations similarly transformed, would be less likely to go to war. But that’s not all. Sex scandals, financial corruption and violence are all overwhelmingly male.”

Many people are taking such infantile thinking seriously and further impoverishing men and women through egoism, rather than seeking to be healthy together. Ironically, healthy well-adjusted women would not seek or even tolerate national hierarchies, staffed and led exclusively by women. Such silliness is the province of misguided persons, with identity issues, who should not be teaching at universities or leading nations.

Photograph: Stephen Wise


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