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Lincoln+RussiansThe recent outcry over possible Russian involvement in the outing the e-mails exposing DNC treachery toward Bernie Sanders seems absurd. Americans, including Mr. Sanders, should be thankful for whoever helped to expose the darkness of their leaders, and attempted to enlighten the people.

It’s worth noting that if it wasn’t for Russia, under the Czar, the US probably wouldn’t exist today.

During the Civil War (1863) the Russians sent war ships to New York Harbor to prevent France and England from getting involved on the side of the South, which they sought to do — and if they had would certainly have meant the end for the Union.

TheFourSeasons1TheFourSeasonsOne day after The Four Seasons Restaurant, a modernist temple once considered the most important restaurant in the world, auctioned off the last of its Philip Johnson banquettes and Mies Van der Rohe chairs—and turned off the lights, president Obama told the DNC, the US is “stronger and more prosperous than when we started.” Mr. Obama likes to takes credit for saving the country from the Great Recession of 2008-09, when in fact all he did was instruct others to change the accounting rules (allowing Wall Street to run wild again), print and borrow trillions of dollars, and fudge the unemployment numbers. The result was not a recovery, but rather a country in the twilight zone that now threatens the world.

American ArtIn her remarks to the DNC, Michelle Obama said the U.S. is “the greatest country on earth” — a curious statement given that her country is at war with itself and the world, and even with truth itself.

Artwork: “War Face On!” by Mark B. Springer, Warren Correctional Institute, Ohio


Trump0716trumpery n. adj. 1. showy but worthless 2. delusive, shallow

If elected president, can Donald Trump avoid trumpery and put his “Art of the Deal” acumen to work — to unwind real estate investment structures (REITs, private equity & hedge funds) that have been a source of rent inflation and barriers to small business creation in the US?


FourSeasons2FourSeasons4FourSeasons8As the historic Four Seasons Restaurant began auctioning off its modernist stuff, ahead of its July 29 closing, the bar remained open allowing auction-goers a last call.

Dread6Those seeking to lead the U.S., and those seeking to tear her down, are joined by their inability to be truthful. Past progress and accomplishment in America came at the hands of people who were less untruthful than today’s leaders.

“The fine arts once divorcing themselves from truth are quite certain to fall mad, if they do not die.” Thomas Carlyle (1795-1881)


USFranceThe perpetrators in Nice, Dallas, and Baton Rouge, far from being fringe, are manifesting their country’s sick spirit.

“Vous avez mis le doigt dessus.”


Morgan-RembrandtVisitors to The Morgan Museum and Library today inspected Judas Returning the Thirty Pieces of Silver, a painting believed to be Rembrandt’s first masterpiece.

BPDance5BPDance4Performance art, elaborating on notions of reality and identity in a Hopperesque world of locked-up selves, projected and augmented by terabytes of data (images), split screens and refracted backgrounds, can be found in cities and towns throughout the U.S. — but is done especially well by Bridgman/Packer Dance, with Art Bridgman and Myrna Packer, premiering (in New York): Voyeur and Remembering What Never Happened — July 13, 14, 16 at the Sheen Center.



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