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RockCenter-Houseago2RockCenter-Houseago9RockCenter-Houseago10British artist Thomas Houseago’s mask installation opens at Rockefeller Plaza April 28, 2015.

Photographs: Stephen Wise


ServiceDogThis is a Service Dog (not to be confused with a Compassion Dog or an Emotional Support Dog) at the Chambers Street subway station this week—looking a bit run down, perhaps from WiFi exposure.

The decision by New York officials to make NYC, including subways, a big WiFi hot spot is misguided, and will lead to negative health consequences for New Yorkers of all persuasions.

The day is coming when “WiFi Free” will be more desirable than “Free WiFi.”

Inglenook2015Inglenook, one of the pioneer California wine producers, is trying to be itself again. Having survived the 20th century scourges of: phylloxera, Prohibition, and Wall Street, Inglenook Vineyard (brand, chateau, and Napa Valley vineyards) is back under one roof in the hands of Francis Ford Coppola and French winemaker Philippe Bascaules.

We especially like their 2011 Blancaneaux (blend of Roussanne, Marsanne, and Viognier), and the 2012 Edizione Pennino Zinfandel.

ArtStudentLeagueNYCArtStudentsLeague2015aArtStudentsLeague2015eArtStudentsLeague2015bPhotographs: Stephen Wise

NYIFF2015NYIFF2015aNYIFF2015cAroon Shivdasani, Executive Director, Indo-American Arts Council (top photo), briefed the press recently on the upcoming New York Indian Film Festival, May 4-9, 2015.

As in past years, this year’s festival will be presenting films (27) that are topical and poignant, including award winning Daughters of Mother India and Shonali Bose’s Margarita With A Straw, the Gala Opening Night Film at the Paris Theatre, May 4.

Tickets are still available.

AIPAD2015lAIPAD2015s“Some company recently was interested in buying my “aura.” They didn’t want my product. They kept saying, “We want your aura.” I never figured out what they wanted. But they were willing to pay a lot for it. So then I thought that if somebody was willing to pay that much for my it, I should try to figure out what it is.” Andy Warhol, The Philosophy of Andy Warhol (Harvest,1975)

The scene inside and outside the Park Avenue Armory and AIPAD today.

New York street photographer Louis Mendes in action (bottom photo).

Photographs: Stephen Wise

AIPAD2015cAIPAD2015eAIPAD Photography Show — Day 2

Photographs: Stephen Wise

AIPAD2015-LincolnAIPAD2015-Lincoln2Chinese artist Zhang Wei’s “artificial theater” hero portrait of the 16th President of the United States is being scooped-up at AIPAD.

Ironically, today’s Lincoln worshipers are acting more like Confederates — pushing rebellions and slavery in various parts of the world. In the “Hero” series write-up, Zhang Wei suggests that the “recessive violence” and “loss of reason” of hero worshipers has “destroyed the consciousness of independence and freedom of individuals, and makes human civilization go back to slavery, only with transformation of face.”

AIPAD2015AIPAD2015bAIPAD2015aAIPAD2015ErwittThe Association of International Photography Art Dealers is holding their annual fair at the Park Avenue Armory through April 19, 2015.

This year’s show features 89 leading photography galleries from around the world.

Eminent American photographer Elliott Erwitt was on hand for the preview (bottom photo), as was Japanese photographer Ayano Sudo (top right).

Photographs: Stephen Wise


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