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“To perceive the healing of your brother
as the healing of yourself…” The Course

Woman'sMarchNYC18bWoman'sMarchNYC18Free Will + Choose Life = Truly Free Person

StreetArt18c.JPGStreetArt18eAs with Black Lives (BLM), the #MeToo movement, under the guise of seeking justice, is multiplying division, oppression, and madness within and among people.

Young people are being misled, by infantile elders, with dialectical thinking — tempting them to believe that identity and freedom are achieved through continuous negation (“We fight, and kill, therefore we are”) — leading only to more evil, absurdity and nothingness.

At a time when it is de rigueur to question the mental fitness of the American president, one can say that those who fall into ‘identity extremism’ (IE) have lost it too.

RumseyCentralParkTurn hearts of stone into hearts of flesh.

“In the final analysis, the establishment of justice and peace in the world finds its solution in the human heart. And when the heart is not centered on God, man reverts to his original state of slavery and is subject to every kind of oppression from his fellow creatures.” Francis Fernandez


MexicanCoupleThis couple from Mexico, on their first visit to the US, checks out Times Square, 11/29.

PlayerWhile it’s true we are in end times — have been for two thousand years — contemporary man is less prepared than ever to meet his last (divine) end in the consummation of human history, because he has broken the right order that should reign within himself as well as between himself and other men and all creatures. Only when that order is restored can contemporary man be truly the new man.

nietzscheIn conjunction with the 500th anniversary of the Reformation, the German Consulate General in NYC hosted an event on Nietzsche — himself a Protestant, showing the toxic individualism and socialism that his philosophy engendered.

Friedrich Nietzsche (1844-1900) is the modern representative of a form of individualism which strikes at all convention and public opinion, and seeks not only to overturn every accepted way of life and conduct, but to denounce every notion of submission to a higher will and every unselfish virtue as a sign of slavery and decadence…”Life is will for power.” Today we see (at Yale) those who are rejecting the historic works of “white men” nonetheless following the animal instincts and base impulses of Nietzsche.

ComicCon2017Have Western values made the Eastern man better? How about Western man?

ChineseOxfordMovementKu Hung-Ming, The Story Of A Chinese Oxford Movement, 1910

StreetArt2017sHow often we feel the need to escape in order to find peace.

To be of the eternal now — to care about our soul, which is the only thing that really belongs to us — starts with having hearts open to mercy and forgiveness (of our neighbor). Then peace is ours.