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art-students-league17artstudentsleague2017bThe ‘freedom’ and disorientation, both sought and wrought by artists going back to Delacroix’s Liberty Leading the People (1830) has had an effect — contributing to what Eric Fromm described in 1970 as the “crisis of psychoanalysis.”

Artwork – Art Student League, January 31, 2017


redongilkin“There is the nightmare transported into art.”
Joris-Karl Huysmans

Delerium: The Art of the Symbolist Book, at The Morgan (through May 14), presents the early days of visual modernism in France, with Baudelaire suggesting to Edouard Manet that he “should be a painter of modern life” — which he did with Luncheon on the Grass (1863) — and with it the “unifying values and hierarchies of classical Renaissance order” gave way to the “new coherence of being yourself.”

Artwork: Odilon Redon

winterantiquesshow2017Through January 29 at the Park Avenue Armory.

americanaweek3americanaweekMr. Trump will take over as president of a broken, some would say failed, United States — failed because the ‘will of the people’ has for years failed to deliver truthful leaders. Instead, American leadership has systematically violated natural law, the U.S. Constitution and international law, destroying other countries and delegitimizing themselves in the process.

People should bear in mind that the U.S. exists today only because others allow her to exist.

Russian intervention in the recent election (to help inform Americans) should be seen as a humanitarian intervention, to help save a country that has lost its way. Trump might be the last chance the country has to exist as a nation. Mr Lewis et al ought to support him.

greenberg-photoleaguegreenberg-photoleague3greenberg-photoleague2Howard Greenberg Gallery is presenting works by Photo League members Sid Grossman (1913-1955) and Sy Kattelson through February 11, 2017. Mr. Kettelson, 93 (bottom photo) was on hand for the show’s opening.

unThis large painting was abandoned near the United Nations (artist unknown).

moma-christmascardsmoma-maciver1949“Teach their souls to fly.”
William Blake

Once upon a time the Museum of Modern Art had a Christmas card program that invited artists, some well known, to submit compositions that would be made into cards. Participants included Robert Indiana, whose 1965 “LOVE” card went on to become one of the iconic images of the 20th century.

Lotus Editions is offering its historic collection of 265 unique MoMA Christmas cards from 1949-1999. Interested parties can contact:

Cards: (front row) Hannah Wilke, Loren MacIver, Joel Meyerowitz; (middle row) Robert Indiana, Jules Olitski, Florence Bezrutczyk, Jack Youngerman; (back row) Bruno Munari, Ben Shahn, Xanti Schawinsky

harrysoviak66Artwork: Harry Soviak (1935-84), Snow Screen, 1966

pilobolusdancetheaterpilobolus5Pilobolus Dance Theater brings its surrealist performance art to NYU’s Skirball Performing Arts Center, with shows through December 4, featuring two unique programs of American premieres and classic works.

picabiapicabia3picabia4“Of all those who have come to conquer America, Picabia is the only one who has done as did Cortez. He has burned his ship behind him. He does not protect himself with any shield. He has married America like a man who is not afraid of consequences. He has obtained results.” M. DeZayas, Camera Work, 1915

Photographs: Stephen Wise