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SalmagundiClub2SalmagundiClubSalmagundiClub3From the Salmagundi SCNY Fine Art Centennial Exhibition & Sale, which concludes March 23.



ArmoryShow2018nThe Armory Show — March 11, 2017

What matters most, even for refugees, is freedom of spirit which can be difficult to find in the ‘new world,’ enslaved by sin — especially among those who disrupt and plunder other countries (Syria for instance) — creating humanitarian crises.


ArmoryShow2018iArmoryShow2018hPostmodernism (since the 1960s) saw a movement away from abstraction into more figurative works — with appropriation and the artist’s identity the subject of the artwork. Today the viewer is increasingly taking-on/appropriating the role of subject.


Volta2018Volta2018cVolte-ThomasVinsonWith disintegration all around, the positive forms: casts, reliefs and drawings of Thomas Vinson (bottom photo) at Galerie Wenger, offer some consolation.


ChrisMarker-KoreaChrisMarker-Korea2ChrisMarker-Korea3ChrisMarker-Korea3Chris Marker (1921-2012), a French journalist and filmaker, was given a unique opportunity to travel and explore North Korea in 1957. Some of his images from that time — prescient, pointed and poignant — are exhibited and for sale at the Peter Blum Gallery in The Art Show.

TheArtShow2018The Art Show, organized by the Art Dealers Association of America (ADAA), is at the Park Avenue Armory through March 4, 2018.

This year’s highlights include the March 1 keynote address: “The Value of ‘Dead’ Art: Afterlives of Damaged Works,” by Christiane Fischer of AXA Art Americas.