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DanielRichDanielRich3DanielRich2Daniel Rich at Peter Blum Gallery.

SalmagundiClub2SalmagundiClubSalmagundiClub3From the Salmagundi SCNY Fine Art Centennial Exhibition & Sale, which concludes March 23.



ArmoryShow2018nThe Armory Show — March 11, 2017

What matters most, even for refugees, is freedom of spirit which can be difficult to find in the ‘new world,’ enslaved by sin — especially among those who disrupt and plunder other countries (Syria for instance) — creating humanitarian crises.


ArmoryShow2018iArmoryShow2018hPostmodernism (since the 1960s) saw a movement away from abstraction into more figurative works — with appropriation and the artist’s identity the subject of the artwork. Today the viewer is increasingly taking-on/appropriating the role of subject.


Volta2018Volta2018cVolte-ThomasVinsonWith disintegration all around, the positive forms: casts, reliefs and drawings of Thomas Vinson (bottom photo) at Galerie Wenger, offer some consolation.


ChrisMarker-KoreaChrisMarker-Korea2ChrisMarker-Korea3ChrisMarker-Korea3Chris Marker (1921-2012), a French journalist and filmaker, was given a unique opportunity to travel and explore North Korea in 1957. Some of his images from that time — prescient, pointed and poignant — are exhibited and for sale at the Peter Blum Gallery in The Art Show.