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BoscoSodi2BoscoSodi3Mexican artist Bosco Sodi and his art project in Washington Square Park, 9/7.

Perhaps the best way forward is to do away with borders and sovereign states — with Mexico, Canada, and the U.S. becoming one.

Greenberg-Meyerowitz2Greenberg-MeyerowitzGreenberg-Meyerowitz3Greenberg-Meyerowitz4Nearly 80 and still going strong — Joel Meyerowitz with two photography exhibits (including recent work) at Howard Greenberg Gallery, through October 21, 2017.




Flowers-RobbinsMirroring and layering, in a group exhibition at Flowers Gallery, with 3D-printed ‘totem’ sculptures from Collette Robbins.

Tagore0717Tagore0717cTagore0717aGroup Show at Sundaram Tagore Gallery, through August 26, 2017. Artists include: Hiroshi Senju, Zheng Lu, Sohan Qadri, along with New York-based artist Noah Post and American artist Susan Weil.

Met-070417aMet-Roof070417Met-Roof2.JPGMet-Roof5Metropolitan Museum of Art – July 4, 2017

StaleyWise-Women2StaleyWise-Women7Staley-Wise Gallery is presenting an important show of art photography by eminent women fashion photographers and photojournalists, through August 31. Especially noteworthy is a photograph of an Iraqi refugee by Diana Markosian (bottom photo).