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WilliamKleinPhotographer William Klein’s recent work: William Klein + Brooklyn (2013) is on display at Howard Greenberg Gallery, through May 2, 2015.

Born in New York, Mr. Klein, 86, now resides in Paris.

DelhiArt-NYCDelhiArtGallery-BPrabhaDelhiArtGalleryDelhiArtGalleryNYC2015Delhi Art Gallery, with locations in New Delhi and Mumbai, is now open in the famed Fuller Building on 57th Street.

The gallery’s debut exhibition: India Modern features paintings and works on paper by 40 modern Indian artists (born before 1947), including K.H Ara, Krishen Khanna, and B. Prabha.

The modern project and its quest for the “essential” has often led to a revolt against being itself — with egoism and algorithms producing emptiness and death for individuals and society.

B. Prabha (1931-2001), one of two female artists in the show, in a painting done in 1964 (second from top) “evokes a bare desert landscape where one has come upon a small clump of dried trees, the survivors of a grove, the only vestiges of life in a wasted landscape of miles of sand or salty marsh.”

Hopefully contemporary Indian artists will inspire in their countrymen progress rooted in being, rather than the non-being so prevalent in the West.

Photographs: Stephen Wise

ASDT2015eASDT2015fAmandaSelwynDanceTheatre2015aThe Amanda Selwyn Dance Theatre began their fifteenth season with a World Premiere of Renewal at the Tribeca Performing Arts Center, March 13-15.

Photographs: Stephen Wise

AsianArtsWeek2015bAsianArtsWeek2015Asia Week New York (March 13-21) is a celebration of Asian art in NYC.

Auction Bonhams: March 16-18

ArtOnPaper2015MalickSidibeArtOnPaper2015aOne of the noteworthy works at this year’s Art on Paper fair was a folio of 20 vintage prints by Malian photographer Malick Sidibe (second from top), priced at $22,000.

Photographs: Stephen Wise

ArmoryShow2015lArmoryShow2015o (2)A political message that got past the censor.

Photographs: Stephen Wise


SpringBreakArtFair2015aSpringBreakArtFair2015dSpringBreakArtFair2015This year’s theme is “Transaction”.

Photographs: Stephen Wise

TheArmoryShow2015a (2)ArmoryShow2015pArmoryShow2015dArmoryShow2015e“My boy, the lessons of your mother don’t forget.” Paul Dresser. 1898

This year’s Armory Focus is: MENAM (Middle East, North Africa, and the Mediterranean), and is curated by Omar Kholeif (top photo: third from right).

In his remarks, Mr. Kholeif talked about the Mediterranean as a gateway for entering the history of art and seeing “what different modernities might look like.”

When LE suggested to Mr. Kholeif that Modernism and ISIS were joined at the hip in attempting to separate from and destroy antiquity, he said that was not his focus here.

Photographs: Stephen Wise

TheArtShow2015 (2)TheArtShow2015dTheArtShow2015aThe Art Dealers Association of America (ADAA) annual fair is underway (with 72 major galleries), at the Park Avenue Armory, and through March 8, 2015.

Photographs: Stephen Wise




Stephen B. Wise


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