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StaleyWise-DemarchelierStaleyWise-Demarchelier3Patrick Demarchelier: Photographs 1992-2017 at Staley-Wise Gallery, through April 21, 2018.

ChuckCloseIt was announced that the National Gallery in Washington in cancelling an upcoming exhibition of works by American artist Chuck Close over ‘inappropriate behavior.’

The women who brought the charges against Close — an old guy in a wheelchair who makes art for a living — and acted on the museums behalf, are not heroic or even just, but malevolent. Imagine if every woman in the U.S. who ever had an abortion (1 in 4 — more inappropriate than what Close is accused of) was outed, fired and incarcerated. Would justice be served? for women and a movement whose identity is fixated on being able to kill their own children.

Morgan-HujarThe Morgan Library and Museum is mounting a show of photographs by Peter Hujar (1934-87), a pioneer of selfie (including dick) pics.

Art is about being able to express: “I am — Peter,” which means growing up from: “I am a dick.”

For a bit of a corrective, show goers can visit the adjoining gallery to see visions of heaven and hell in the Art of Medieval Time.


JerlynMarieJerlyn Marie, with her work “El Desinteresado,” at a recent Project For Living Artists group show in Woodside.

WinterAntiquesShow2018WinterAntiquesShow2018cWinterAntiquesShow2018bBilled as America’s leading art, antiques and design show, the 64th installment of the Winter Antiques Show is underway, and runs through Jan. 28 at the Park Avenue Armory.

NYC&G18cNYC&G18bNYC&G18Through January 21 at the National Bohemian Hall.



Greenberg1217SteveSchapiroHoward Greenberg Gallery has an all-star line-up of important photographic works, including some by Steve Shapiro, chronicler of luminaries such as Martin Luther King, Bobby Kennedy, Andy Warhol, and Muhammad Ali, through Jan. 18.