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tefaf2tefaf8tefaf5tefaf9We were told, by a German art dealer, that Koons has been buying medieval art. There is plenty of that along with works from antiquity (up to 1920) presented by 94 international galleries at TEFAF’s inaugural New York show (October 22-26).

The Park Avenue Armory venue includes new exhibit spaces on the refurbished second floor, which when combined with the high quality Maastricht build makes for a transformative experience. An old space made new, to show old art that renews.

StreetArt2016.JPGCzechoslovak-American Marionette Theatre

tectonicremains3tectonicremains4tectonicremains5tectonicremains9tectronicremains9tectonicremains27tectonicremains22tectonicremains25tectonicremains24Once again Topaz Arts, in Woodside, staged an evening of breakthrough and timely performance art with a cast of acclaimed artists from around the world.

Tectonic Remains was presented on 9/7 as a collaboration between visual artist Leeroy New, choreographer Chloe Chotrani, and composer Yasuno Miyauchi. The dancers were: April Amparo, Lori Ann Bibat, Camilla Davis, David Giles, Yoko Murakami, Danang Pamungkas, and Emily Tellier.

Photographs: Stephen Wise

asianartweek2016cAsian artworks for sale at Christie’s this week include Chinese ceramics from the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s collection.

ericdemuthHappy to recommend Eric Demuth’s Sonoma Cabernet Sauvignon Chalk Hill 2012.

Tree-RootsNear the Appalachian Trail in Salisbury, CT – August 31, 2016

RobertIndiana-LoveTsaiWen-Ying-TrichromicIIIHenryPearson-FearNotRichardAnuszkiewicz-ChristmasStarReginaldNealMoMA65From the Museum of Modern Art’s Christmas Card program (c. 1965-6), Lotus Editions is offering five original screen-printed cards by: Robert Indiana, Wen-Ying Tsai, Henry PearsonRichard Anuszkiewicz and Reginald Neal. All are in pristine condition, never used, and with original envelopes.

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Happy to offer two splendid twentieth-century works of American art.

Painting-WasleyPainting-DudashTop – Thom Wasley, “Squall Eastward (Buckroe Beach, VA),” 1960s; acrylic on English flax canvas (23″ x 28″)
Bottom – C. Michael Dudash, “Picnic,” 1993; oil on canvas (8″ x 10″)

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StreetArt081516StreetArt081516aSwedish photographer Felicia Malmstrom at work in Midtown yesterday, trying to call attention to environmental issues.

Photographs: Stephen Wise

Cup“If you only knew what God is offering and who it is that is saying to you: ‘Give me a drink,’ you, perhaps, would have been the one to ask, and he would have given you living water.” John 4:10

“A pure heart create for me, O God,
put a steadfast spirit within me.
Do not cast me away from your presence,
nor deprive me of your holy spirit.” Psalm 50