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NYNOW0816NYNow0816eNYNow0816bNY NOW, billed as “the market for home, lifestyle and gift,” is at the Javits Center through August 24, 2016.

Of special note at this years show are chocolates from Louis Sherry (NYC), and products from Taiwan, especially those made with Treether, a hybrid leather/wood material developed by David Hsu.

DunkinDonutsThe opening of a new Dunkin Donuts in Woodside (4 stores within 16 blocks of each other), included placing a company sign on a poll that has been a memorial for a Filipino man murdered on the same spot.

No doubt the new Dunkin Donuts will have a similar effect on the Filipino bakeries along that part of Roosevelt Ave., known as Little Manila. One wonders why city planners are so uninspired in their approval of such business zoning. Perhaps they would say “Dunkin Donuts is better than nothing”—which given the rent situation (that politicians also helped to create) has resulted in substantial commercial vacancies and made starting a small business in NYC undoable for most, except for the 200+ Dunkin Donuts franchisees in Queens.

TheFourSeasons1TheFourSeasonsOne day after The Four Seasons Restaurant, a modernist monument once considered the most important restaurant in the world, auctioned off the last of its Philip Johnson banquettes and Mies Van der Rohe chairs—and turned off the lights, president Obama told the DNC, the US is “stronger and more prosperous than when we started.” Mr. Obama likes to take credit for saving the country from the Great Recession of 2008-09, when in fact all he did was to create another bubble, instructing others to: change the accounting rules (allowing Wall Street to run wild again), print and borrow trillions of dollars, and fudge the unemployment numbers. The result was not a recovery but rather a country in the twilight zone, a failed thug-state that undermines humanity (starting with consciousness) and world peace.

GarageSale2016aGarageSale2016bIn America’s garages, innovation is leading to liquidation.


SteveMadden3SteveMadden1SteveMaddenSteveMadden2A Steve Madden pop-up sale, in a Woodside parking lot, attracted motivated shoppers from far and wide.

NYIAutoShow2016NYIAutoShow2016aNYIAutoShow2016bNYIAutoShow2016lNYIAutoShow2016kNYIAutoShow2016mNYIAutoShow2016cNYIAutoShow2016jThe show is open to the public March 25 – April 3.

Photographs: Stephen Wise


NYNow2016aThe Gift show, with 2400 exhibiting companies from 65 countries, at the Javits Center through Feb, 3.

NYFedNYFed2A Party Rental truck was seen leaving the NY Fed this evening, just hours after the Federal Reserve Board announced a hike in interest rates for the first time since 2006.

Ferrari290MMThis 1956 Ferrari 290MM was sold for $28 million at Sotheby’s in NY today.



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