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GarageSale2016aGarageSale2016bIn America’s garages, innovation is leading to liquidation.


SteveMadden3SteveMadden1SteveMaddenSteveMadden2A Steve Madden pop-up sale, in a Woodside parking lot, attracted motivated shoppers from far and wide.

NYIAutoShow2016NYIAutoShow2016aNYIAutoShow2016bNYIAutoShow2016lNYIAutoShow2016kNYIAutoShow2016mNYIAutoShow2016cNYIAutoShow2016jThe show is open to the public March 25 – April 3.

Photographs: Stephen Wise


NYNow2016aThe Gift show, with 2400 exhibiting companies from 65 countries, at the Javits Center through Feb, 3.

NYFedNYFed2A Party Rental truck was seen leaving the NY Fed this evening, just hours after the Federal Reserve Board announced a hike in interest rates for the first time since 2006.

Ferrari290MMThis 1956 Ferrari 290MM was sold for $28 million at Sotheby’s in NY today.

Sotheby's-Rockwell2Cheerleaders (Losing the Game, 1952), by Norman Rockwell, will be in Sotheby’s American Art Sale on Nov. 18.

The painting fits the mood around Sotheby’s in recent days after employees were notified of buyout offers. This comes after a year of mismanagement, a softening art market, and a Board whose members plundered the company at ever turn.

Photograph: Stephen Wise

SothebysTaubmanSothebysTaubman2SothebysTaubman6SothebysTaubman5SothebysTaubman4“You may find there’s more similarity
in the challenge of marketing a
precious painting by Degas and a
frosted mug of root beer than you
ever thought possible.”
Alfred Taubman

The art collection (500 works) of Alfred Taubman (1924-2015), retail magnate and former owner of Sotheby’s, is currently on display at Sotheby’s New York — and will be sold in a series of auctions in November.

Mr. Taubman bought Sotheby’s in 1983 and took it public in 1988, after promising not to to secure the deal in the first place. The resulting Wall Street (returns first) mindset continues to pervert an art world (characterized by untruth), that is increasingly at odds with the world of art (seeking truth).

Interestingly, the Wall Street (short term plunder) mindset driving Sotheby’s hasn’t even been good for Sotheby’s of late — with their share price down over 30% since the last CEO was fired (11/20/14) by an activist Wall Streeter on the Board, seeking greater returns, coupled with the auction house guaranteeing the Taubman family (with one member on Sotheby’s board) $500 million for the sale of Al Taubman’s checkered collection.

Photographs: Stephen Wise

Stella1Stella Artois is out with an all-in-one refigerating countertop draught unit, created by Marc Thorpe, for a perfect pour every time (37-41 degrees F).



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