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Dorthy1Judy Garland’s “Dorthy” dress (1 of 10), from The Wizard of Oz, sold for $1.5 million today at Bonhams in NYC.

A Munchkin Soldier Jacket, also from The Wizard of Oz, went for $12,500.


UnarmedBlackManAn ‘unarmed’ black man winds up to deliver a knockout blow to an unarmed white woman in Atlantic City, NJ, 10/17.

EmmanuelleChoussyFrench model turned photographer Emmanuelle Choussy in action in Manhattan.

Photograph: Stephen Wise

HGTVNYNow2015-MailegNYNow2015-Skulls1All things Viking and Scandinavia are hot in 2015, with Detroit and Cuba on deck for 2016, that according to interior design maven Genevieve Gorder, speaking at a HGTV event yesterday.

Which may explain the popularity of Maileg dolls (middle photo) from Demark. Or perhaps it was Maileg that helped to fuel the Scandinavia trend. They’ve been around for years, but seem to always remain new with endless variations.

Animal skulls (even inflatable) are hot at this year’s NY NOW. Interestingly, the people selling them, who we spoke with (including business owners), never heard of Georgia O’Keeffe.

Photographs: Stephen Wise

Kids“What happened?”

GuinnessNitroIPA-JoseOrtegaCreating new possibilities for its famous yeast, Guinness, the Irish Dry Stout (that is “good for you”), is out with new varieties that should put smiles on the faces of Stout lovers around the world.

One of the great joys in life is a pint of Guinness after rigorous exercise. That will be especially true with the just released Guinness Nitro IPA, and its citrus finish.

Photographs: Stephen Wise

NYPDFifthAveJuly 17, 2015 — Fifth Avenue

Photograph: Stephen Wise



Stephen B. Wise


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