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streetart-eastvillageEast Village – September 20, 2016




StreetArt-StorageWarsAmerican pop-culture, from Storage Wars to Duck Dynasty, seen in a Midtown dumpster yesterday.

DominicanParadeDominicanParade2Dominican Day, Fifth Avenue NYC – August 14, 2016

TopmanWhen advancement is unearned the community is diminished. To be healthy in a community people need to be of one mind and one heart, on the way to God. They need to leave behind all self-seeking in order to find happiness in love for the other.

‘Take envy away, and what I have is yours. Take envy away, and what you have is mine. Possess love, and you possess everything.’ St Augustine


FourSeasonsAshTraysLotus Editions is offering a set of vintage ashtrays from The Four Seasons restaurant (now closed), with matchboxes. They were made in Japan, most likely in the 60s. For pricing information contact:



JoanRiversJoanRivers2From Faberge to a Tiffany dog house, the private collection of American comedian Joan Rivers is taking place on-line and at Christie’s NY, June 16-23.