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BalletHispanicoCarolineHerreraBallet Hispanico, the Latin Dance organization, held their Carnaval Gala 2018 on Monday evening at the Plaza Hotel. Honorees included Emilio and Gloria Estefan, Carolina Herrera, and Marcos Torres.

NYIAS18cWill to power and the road to hell — no future in that. The better way is to align one’s will, not with demonic possession but with the divine will.

HopperTShirtDenneis Hopper T-shirt, available at Hayward House, NYC.



RockCenterTwenty-Seventeen will be remembered as a year that saw the Modern State of Israel, the greatest groper of them all, grabbing Jerusalem as its capital, with anĀ  endorsement from America’s Groper-In-Chief. And countless women, many who have no problem killing their own babies, lining up to get men fired for so-called inappropriate behavior.

At a time of heightened focus on identity (“This is who he is.”), it’s important to understand that we gain ourselves—by losing ourselves—not through exploiting or dominating others but rather in freely serving them.


StreetArt2017oClimate change.