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Grads-2017aGrads-2017bSVA Graduation – May 9, 2017

protest5As he prepares to take office, it’s been said that Mr. Trump considers education to be a low priority.  And yet the high number of poorly educated young people in America, as evidenced by recent demonstrations, should make education a top priority. The problem, though, is many educators see truth as oppressive — the enemy. So rather than being oriented to it they are in rebellion against it, which leaves young people running on empty.

WildThings2AP Student


HaavadThe so-called black ‘reformers’ are just as domineering as the establishment types that produced Teddy Roosevelt and Barack Obama.

When human relationships are based on disordered self-love, which is the source of contempt of neighbor and human relationships based on domination (“Spain must go,””Assad must go,” “Wolfe must go”), civilization has broken down, and the institutions that helped bring about the collapse should be abandoned.


Graduation2015John Jay College Graduation — June 3, 2015

D-DayOn June 6, 1944, Allied Forces (U.S., England & Canada) succeeded in surprising Hitler, and the Wehrmacht, with their landing at Normandy.

Days later, Hitler still believed it was a diversion, and that the main landing would be at Calais. By then the Allies had landed 1 million troops and 500, 000 tons of material. So desperate had the situation become for the Germans that Field-Marshal Rommel told Hitler “the West would inevitably smash through the Normandy front and break into the homeland.” He urgently requested that the war be brought to an end. Hitler responded to Rommel’s assessment with: “Rommel has lost his nerve; he’s become a pessimist. In these times only optimists can achieve anything.” Adolf Hitler, John Toland (Doubleday, 1976).

The war with Germany could have ended in the days after D-Day. On July 20, 1944 an attempt was made on Hitler’s life. Many of his top generals knew it was over and would have handed Hitler over if the Allies had been willing. There was even a deal in place with the U.S. for Stalin to join the fight against Japan as soon as Hitler had been defeated. Churchill and Stalin had other ideas. As a result the wars in Europe and the Pacific waged on and were more costly, with millions more lives being lost because of sordid leadership.

“The United States had given us the most handsome assistance in the fight against Germany.” Winston Churchill

Had the U.S. stayed out of the WWI (The Great War) there would have been no Hitler or Holocaust. By appeasing Churchill, Roosevelt kept England from settling with Germany (Germany tried in 1940), which would have been better for the world.




CooperUnionWhile passing by a dumpster, near Cooper Union yesterday, a number of finished paintings could be seen in the trash — presumably student’s work.

WomanDriver2014The ABC of It: Why Children’s Books Matter is presented at the New York Public Library through September 7, 2014.

From the exhibition guide:

“Behind every children’s book is a vision of childhood: a shared understanding of what growing up is all about. Accordingly, authoritative voices from the realms of theology, philosophy, psychology, and education have all played their part in shaping the nature of literature for young people…now and then, when visions of childhood clash, literature for young people becomes anything but child’s play.”

HumptyDumpty2014Just last week, life imitated (children’s book) art when the brother-in-law of Prince Charles, Mark Shand, was in NYC to help sell large Faberge eggs at a Sotheby’s auction. After the auction he slipped and fell, hitting his head, and later died. The egg he had sponsored was titled: Humpty Dumpty.


PiDay314 (2)

AmericanDream1“(A) dream of a land in which life should be better and richer and fuller for everyone, with opportunity for each according to ability or achievement…a dream of being able to grow to fullest development as man and woman, unhampered by the barriers which had slowly been erected in the older civilizations, unrepressed by social orders which had developed for the benefit of classes rather than for the simple human being of any and every class.” James T. Adams, Yale 1900 (The Epic of America, 1931)

“That the Moral Nature, that Law of laws, whose revelations introduce greatness,—yea, God himself, into the open soul, is not explored as the fountain of the established teaching in society. Men have come to speak of the revelation as somewhat long ago given and done, as if God were dead. The injury to faith throttles the preacher; and the goodliest of institutions becomes an uncertain and inarticulate voice.” Ralph Waldo Emerson, Harvard Divinity School, 1838

AmericanDreamHundreds of thousands of American high school seniors were to have learned, by today, if they were accepted by colleges, through early admission.

Going to college in the U.S. is more expensive and necessary than ever, but also more unhealthful than ever. One reason is because students are being misled and defrauded with ‘dreams.’ Back in August, Peter Salovey PhD, President Yale University, welcomed the Yale 2017 Class with an address in which he mentioned “dream” or “American Dream,” no less than 19 times — saying “the dream is very much alive here at Yale.” No doubt the Wall Street guys who drained $5.9 billion, in 2008, from the Yale endowment fund were thinking the same thing.

American mythology was given a boost with Morris Abel Beer’s 1918 poem, Manhattan — “This is the Promised Land of Dreams.” The 20th century notion of the American Dream saw an ‘unhampered’ departure from the right thinking of earlier Americans, like Ralph Waldo Emerson, who were oriented around Natural Law. Today’s American Dreamers are oriented around ‘success’ with little or no respect for truth. The result is a disordered ‘get some’ culture of murderers and madmen (and women) — where having trumps being.

The irony is that today’s, so-called, liberal education (with its materialism and revolt against Nature) is making people unfit for democracy.

Photographs: Stephen Wise