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ChuckCloseIt was announced that the National Gallery in Washington in cancelling an upcoming exhibition of works by American artist Chuck Close over ‘inappropriate behavior.’

The women who brought the charges against Close — an old guy in a wheelchair who makes art for a living — and acted on the museums behalf, are not heroic or even just, but malevolent. Imagine if every woman in the U.S. who ever had an abortion (1 in 4 — more inappropriate than what Close is accused of) was outed, fired and incarcerated. Would justice be served? for women and a movement whose identity is fixated on being able to kill their own children.


riflemanHamletIt’s become fashionable for ‘elite’ schools in the U.S. to dump Shakespeare from their curriculum, and with it the lessons to avoid bad behavior and tragic-waste outcomes (To be rather than not to be). But judging by the way things are (not), most parents and teachers didn’t get those lessons either.

vetsWhite & Black Hats

NapaFiresStatus quo for the California wine industry has been shown in recent days to be unsustainable. But, hopefully Route #29 and the heart of Napa Valley can be saved from the enveloping flames — with their wines going on to be part of ennobled rather than debased living.

WoodsideMost scientists and theologians would agree that the dominant forces in the cosmos are moving to unfold and gather-up creation (“That all may be one”). Perhaps it can be said that Columbus was an instrument of Providence in the progress of humankind. As things expand they also come together. In the realm of human affairs progress has led to civilizations being born. For civilization to succeed (rather than devolving into nothingness) people need to participate in the common good and truth itself, which includes being grateful for one’s existence.

TrumpProtesters092617bTrumpProtesters092617Back in 1916, at the height of World War I, Dadaism sought to replace any kind of rational order with the irrational, and radical politics sought to rapidly usher in a ‘new world’ (where presumably all would flourish) led by themselves. As a result, the anti-art movement and progressive (phallic) politics, built on nihilism, have produced a nation where government “by and with the consent of the people” is all but impossible because ‘the people’ have become absurd — choosing to collapse their colony and themselves (not just their government) out of righteousness and malevolence.


POTUSMany who voted for Trump did so because they thought he was less wicked — and less sick than HRC. But his rhetoric at the UN today told a different story.

In various jobs over the years, HRC’s actions contributed to the destruction of millions of lives, Mr. Trump appears determined to do follow suit.

StreetArt2017i“If you don’t hire me I will f_ck you up; if you hire me I will f_ck you up; if you fire me I will f-ck you up!”

Black leaders and activists continue to terrorize American society by seeking to advance black people (through fear and intimidation) — by being bad rather than by being good, by taking rather than by giving. A recent example of this can be seen in efforts by activists, politicians, and judges to get unqualified persons (of color) into the FDNY.

The beautiful spirit that one associates with American black people is being gutted by materialist leaders seeking power and progress at the expense of life.