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TrumpTrump5Trump2BentonDisoriented Americans, sunk into themselves, are increasingly defeated, and incapable of generating healthy leaders—and holding those in power accountable.

One has to go back to Appomattox, and Grant’s magnanimous accepting of Lee’s surrender in 1865, to see the last time America was truly great.

If the American people were more conscious of, and responsible for, their government’s actions, their last four presidents, 41-44, would be in prison for crimes against humanity.

In his memoirs on World War I, the British Prime Minister Lloyd George described Germany (in 1914) as having “a vast military establishment controlled by an irresponsible Government which having secretly planned to dominate the world, proceeded to carry the plan out.” Today the same could be said of the U.S. with none in the political class committed to changing the murderous/suicidal course.

Photographs: Stephen Wise

Artwork: Thomas Hart Benton, 1930


July42015cJuly42015aJuly42015bPhotographs: Stephen Wise

TheAmericanCowboy2TheAmericanCowboy3Amid boxes of discarded library books, at a Salvation Army in NYC, was a marked copy of Will James’ The American Cowboy (Scribner, 1942).

The last words in the book, all upper case: “The COWBOY WILL NEVER DIE.”

America’s last ‘cowboys’ are wearing Prada and plotting wars against Russia and China.

King2014iConfederateFlagRebelThe American narrative: ‘a New World created by rebels’ — escaping the kings of the Old World — who make themselves sovereign, is resulting is a nation of ‘kings’ seeking to dominate others (see Obama positioning American tanks in Eastern Europe).

Ironically, those who make themselves sovereign — with ‘no fear, no boundaries, & no limits’ — are the new slaves (of the evil one).

Photographs: Stephen Wise

WoundedWarrior2015WoundedWarrior2015cWoundedWarrior2015aWoundedWarriors2015The Wounded Warrior Project held their Courage Awards and Benefit Dinner at the Waldorf Thursday evening.

WWP seeks to honor and empower wounded warriors with services and programs to meet the needs of service members, especially in cases where the VA and family supports have broken down.

One speaker said the challenges going forward are for “long term care and quality mental health care.”

Photographs: Stephen Wise

HelpHelp2In her recent commencement address to the Tuskegee University Class of 2015, Michelle Obama said that one of the “indignities” that she and her husband had to endure was “people at formal events who assumed that we were the help.”

What’s wrong with being the “help”? Aren’t we all called to be “the help,” for each other, in various ways?

While invoking God several times in her remarks, Mrs. Obama failed to mention the timeless truth: “Whoever is greatest among you shall be your servant. And whoever exalts himself shall be humbled, and whoever humbles himself shall be exalted.” Matthew 23:11

Divine wisdom says that to be royal we need to serve others, but to serve others we need to be royal (spiritually mature).

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERACould it be that CGI donors, like the House of Saud, influenced American foreign policy, with respect to regime change efforts in Syria, Egypt and Libya? We think so. Why else would they give money to the Clintons? Not to help children.

In 2013 LE asked a CGI rep what commitments they had for Syrian refugees — the ones that Hillary helped to create. He never got back to us.

Photograph: Stephen Wise

MadMen-Correction1Photograph: Stephen Wise

NYAntiquarianBookFair2015aThe 55th Annual New York Antiquarian Book Fair runs through April 12, 2015 at the Park Avenue Armory.

“He felt so uneasy, deep inside his stomach, that he could not think about it anymore. He wished he hadn’t done it. He wished he could get back and not do anything of the kind.” James Agee, Death in the Family, (McDowell, Obolensky New York, 1957)

While walking the show one couldn’t help but wonder about the billions, perhaps trillions, of dollars spent over the years in the U.S. on education and ‘intelligence’—supposedly to enlighten people, only to have many opt for untruthfulness.

Photograph: Stephen Wise


Stephen B. Wise


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