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MadMen-Correction1Photograph: Stephen Wise

NYAntiquarianBookFair2015aThe 55th Annual New York Antiquarian Book Fair runs through April 12, 2015 at the Park Avenue Armory.

“He felt so uneasy, deep inside his stomach, that he could not think about it anymore. He wished he hadn’t done it. He wished he could get back and not do anything of the kind.” James Agee, Death in the Family, (McDowell, Obolensky New York, 1957)

While walking the show one couldn’t help but wonder about the billions, perhaps trillions, of dollars spent over the years in the U.S. on education and ‘intelligence’—supposedly to enlighten people, only to have many opt for untruthfulness.

Photograph: Stephen Wise

SheaCayuse (2)It’s been said that U.S. wines are experiencing a renaissance. From Oregon and Washington State, the wines of Shea Wine Cellars and Cayuse are a revelation.

RomanHolidayTheUnitedStatesIsraelThat 90% of Congress showed up for Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu’s speech, seeking to multiply the discord in the region, is testimony to the level of corruption and darkness that pervades Washington.

The methods and practices of the ‘Jewish’ State, a state built on terror (see Stern Gang), are finding new expression in IS (Islamic State), with the U.S. providing support in both cases.

Artwork: James N. Rosenberg

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIt’s been said: “The surest way to kill communism is to act like a communist. The surest way to kill a monarchy is to act like a monarch. And the surest way to kill America is to act like an American.”

RudiG (2)The American ‘way of life’—with its disruptions, interests, and rights (and Wi-Fi everywhere)—is killing people. Just recently former NYC mayor Rudy Giuliani was asked what the U.S. should have done immediately after 9/11? He replied: “We should have invaded Iran.”

As the so-called American “patriots” assert their love for the U.S., usually by killing lots of folks, we would suggest the best hope for the United States, and the world, starts with halting the disease of Americanism in all its pernicious (traditional & progressive) forms, which is fueling Islamic extremism.

Photographs: Stephen Wise

LincolnRussiansOn this President’s Day in the US, as President Obama threatens to arm the gangster leaders of Ukraine (that he installed), and further divide Ukraine and Russia, its worth recalling that Russia under Czar Alexander II “contributed materially toward preventing British and French recognition of and aid to the Confederacy,” thereby enabling the preservation of the Union and nation under Lincoln. Albert A. Woldman, Lincoln and the Russians (World Publishing, 1952)


SavonD'Alep2 This soap, from Aleppo, Syria (Savon d’Alep), was made before that city was destroyed by American intervention in Syria beginning in 2011.

The murder of three Muslim students in North Carolina sparked outrage in the U.S. this week. What about the three hundred Syrian refugees, forced from their homes because of U.S. actions against their government, who drown in the Mediterranean also this week?

In 1852 Abraham Lincoln, referring to the revolutions taking place in Europe, said “that it is the duty of our government to neither foment, nor assist, such revolutions in other governments.” Lincoln empathized with the aspirations of the people to be free but also believed that change had to come from within.

U.S. efforts at regime change, throughout the world over many years, are not the fruits of a successful free state but rather the machinations of a failed state.

NBC020915The fact that Brian Williams lied about being fired-on in Iraq is more accidental, and less consequential, than the substantial deception, manipulation and misleading, of viewers and readers, that goes on regularly at NBC News — and other news outlets in the U.S. — with real consequences.

In his book The Greatest Generation (Random House, 1998) Tom Brokaw, formerly anchor NBC News, says that he “felt a kind of missionary zeal for the men and women of World War II, spreading the word of their remarkable lives.” He added that telling their stories “had the effect of a chain letter that no one wanted to disrupt.” Today, the same zealousness and mind control is being exercised by American news organization in areas ranging from vaccines to Ferguson and Aleppo.

One of the members of Mr. Brokaw’s “Greatest Generation,” George H.W. Bush–41st President of the United States, is said by Brokaw in the book to have “an unequaled record of public service within his generation.” This is the same man who initiated one of the greatest crimes of the 20th century, the 1990-’91 Gulf War, a war that destroyed countless lives and added to the proliferation of Islamic extremism, which began to re-emerged in the area with the U.S. arming of the mujahedeen in Afghanistan during the ’80’s.

The widespread disorientation and disorder in American society has many parents, not the least of which are media/news organizations, and their zealous reporters, working for the government, advertisers and personal glory — rather than serving the truth.

Photograph: Stephen Wise


SuperBowl2015We’re passing on this year’s Super Bowl and all the Super Bowls in the future.

American style Football is turning its players and spectators into vegetables. See the way they sign their names. Look at the way their government is acting (staging coups and spreading misery), while fans slobber all over themselves.

The history of the United States has seen the American people lose control of themselves and their government, while they play their games, leaving the world in peril.

TitusKaphar-ShainmanIn his State of the Union address last evening, the President of the United States came across as a person unhinged from reality, with way too much power, claiming to speak in one voice with an equally unhinged Republican Party.

Most troubling for the world is the realization that the citizens of the United States are incapable of correcting or fixing their failing and pernicious republic.

Photograph: Stephen Wise


Stephen B. Wise


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