NYBG-GOK1NYBG-GOK2In 1939, the American artist Georgia O’Keeffe spent 3 months painting in Hawaii, as part of an artist series commissioned by the Dole Pineapple Company. Two of her Hawaii pictures (out of 20 made) were used in print ads for the company. The New York Botanical Garden has recently brought together the fruits of O’Keeffe’s time in Hawaii, in a show that runs through October 28, 2018.NYBG-GOKEspecially noteworthy are the “Waterfall” paintings, which seem more personal, prefiguring O’Keeffe’s important “Black Place” paintings of the 1940s.

Elmhurst, NY – June 1, 2018

MemorialDayChipperAlso, on Memorial Day we recall the the innocent victims of American ‘justice.’

Roth“Is it me? Is it me  Me Me Me! It has to be me—but is it!” Philip Roth, The Conversion Of the Jews (1959)

Philip Roth (1933-2018) made identity issues — particularly Jewish identity — the centerpiece of his oeuvre, and with it behavior that ultimately undid the ‘self’ he sought to achieve.

Many of the disgraced men in recent times followed Roth’s notions of freedom.


ClassOf2018Last class of Millennials (born 1981-1996).

AK-5thAveAnselm Kiefer in Rockefeller Center.

RoyalWeddingStampIssued by the British Post Office on the day of their 1981 wedding.


Robert Indiana (1929-2018)
Artwork: 1965 Museum of Modern Art Christmas Card (silkscreen).

Sotheby's-SafeThe man’s “I Am Safe” t-shirt belies the proliferation of copies and fakes being sold by NYC auction houses these days. Copies and fakes have always been around, what’s new is the extent to which auction houses are centering their businesses on bogus lots, while opting not to present more legitimate works.

A recent example saw a journalist/collector rebuffed by Sotheby’s, days before the May 15 Impressionist & Modern Day Sale, when trying to share absolute proof that a Degas lot was a copy and not an original drawing. On the day of the sale, Sotheby’s did change the “perfect provenance” to reflect the information given by said journalist/collector. But the sale went ahead and the lot was sold.

GrandCentralGrandCentral2Grand Central Station – May 15, 2018