Flowers-RobbinsMirroring and layering, in a group exhibition at Flowers Gallery, with 3D-printed ‘totem’ sculptures from Collette Robbins.


BO4MayorWith increasing numbers of businesses and families opting (or being forced) out of the City — long deemed to be “over” — can independent candidate Bo Dietl muster the resources, inspiration, and consensus needed to save/resurrect NYC?

StumptownColdBrewCoffeeStumptown, with their new “Organic Ethiopia Guji,” and the NYPL are a good fit.

Tagore0717Tagore0717cTagore0717aGroup Show at Sundaram Tagore Gallery, through August 26, 2017. Artists include: Hiroshi Senju, Zheng Lu, Sohan Qadri, along with New York-based artist Noah Post and American artist Susan Weil.

AccidentFifthAveAccidentFifthAve2Bicyclist busted after blowing through a red light and striking a woman on Fifth Avenue today.


LeeChild17Lee Child in action on the sidelines of Thrillerfest XII.

feminists.JPGNowadays, women seeking to do men’s work are becoming mothers.