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tefaf2tefaf8tefaf5tefaf9We were told, by a German art dealer, that Koons has been buying medieval art. There is plenty of that along with works from antiquity (up to 1920) presented by 94 international galleries at TEFAF’s inaugural New York show (October 22-26).

The Park Avenue Armory venue includes new exhibit spaces on the refurbished second floor, which when combined with the high quality Maastricht build makes for a transformative experience. An old space made new, to show old art that renews.


intercoiffure2016-vancouncilintercoiffure2016-vancouncil2intercoiffure2916aDescribing himself as a “warrior for love,” hairdresser Van Council, owner of Van Michael Salon in Atlanta, GA, performed today in the ballroom of the Waldorf Astoria at this year’s Intercoiffure Fall Atelier.

We recommend: Artego “Rain Dance” Cream Shampoo & Serum Oil.

StreetArt2016.JPGCzechoslovak-American Marionette Theatre

tectonicremains3tectonicremains4tectonicremains5tectonicremains9tectronicremains9tectonicremains27tectonicremains22tectonicremains25tectonicremains24Once again Topaz Arts, in Woodside, staged an evening of breakthrough and timely performance art with a cast of acclaimed artists from around the world.

Tectonic Remains was presented on 9/7 as a collaboration between visual artist Leeroy New, choreographer Chloe Chotrani, and composer Yasuno Miyauchi. The dancers were: April Amparo, Lori Ann Bibat, Camilla Davis, David Giles, Yoko Murakami, Danang Pamungkas, and Emily Tellier.

Photographs: Stephen Wise

dubuffetThe Morgan is mounting the first retrospective of drawings by French artist Jean Dubuffet (1901-1985). The exhibition, with works from 1935-1962, offers new insight in the oeurve of this outsider artist, revealing heretofore unseen gravitas at least to one viewer.

waldorf2waldorf3The Waldorf Astoria, as it is presently known, will be no more as of March 1, 2017.


ivorycoastAlassane Ouattara (center), President of Ivory Coast, in New York for the opening session of the UN General Assembly.

Mr. Ouattare, a Sunni, came to power in 2011 after a disputed election. The Ivory Coast parliament had determined that Mr. Ouattara was not born in Ivory Coast and therefore not eligible to be its president. And yet Hillary Clinton, as Secretary of State, used her influence to get him in and force his predecessor out. His predecessor, Laurent Gbagbo, a Catholic, is in the Hague (ICC) on charges related to trying to remain as president.

streetart-eastvillageEast Village – September 20, 2016