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TheFourSeasons1TheFourSeasonsOne day after The Four Seasons Restaurant, a modernist temple once considered the most important restaurant in the world, auctioned off the last of its Philip Johnson banquettes and Mies Van der Rohe chairs—and turned off the lights, president Obama told the DNC, the US is “stronger and more prosperous than when we started.” Mr. Obama likes to takes credit for saving the country from the Great Recession of 2008-09, when in fact all he did was instruct others to change the accounting rules (allowing Wall Street to run wild again), print and borrow trillions of dollars, and fudge the unemployment numbers. The result was not a recovery, but rather a country in the twilight zone that undermines world peace.

FourSeasons2FourSeasons4FourSeasons8As the historic Four Seasons Restaurant began auctioning off its modernist stuff, ahead of its July 29 closing, the bar remained open allowing auction-goers a last call.

Morgan-RembrandtVisitors to The Morgan Museum and Library today inspected Judas Returning the Thirty Pieces of Silver, a painting believed to be Rembrandt’s first masterpiece.

BPDance5BPDance4Performance art, elaborating on notions of reality and identity in a Hopperesque world of locked-up selves, projected and augmented by terabytes of data (images), split screens and refracted backgrounds, can be found in cities and towns throughout the U.S. — but is done especially well by Bridgman/Packer Dance, with Art Bridgman and Myrna Packer, premiering (in New York): Voyeur and Remembering What Never Happened — July 13, 14, 16 at the Sheen Center.


SteveMadden3SteveMadden1SteveMaddenSteveMadden2A Steve Madden pop-up sale, in a Woodside parking lot, attracted motivated shoppers from far and wide.

BillCunninghamBill Cunningham, the intrepid and big-hearted Style photographer for the New York Times, was remembered on 57th and Fifth yesterday — his favorite spot for documenting fashion trends, on the street.


StreetArt-TimesSquare2016aAmerica’s rights revolution — born of the tendency to absolutize the subjective, can fail to recognize the demands of solidarity, and thus lead to new forms of slavery and poverty.


BikersNYC1BikersNYCBikersNYC2Times Square – June 21, 2016

StreetArt061816aYoung Muslim girl in Queens, NY prepares for life.



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