BO4MayorWith increasing numbers of businesses and families opting (or being forced) out of the City — long deemed to be “over” — can independent candidate Bo Dietl muster the resources, inspiration, and consensus needed to save/resurrect NYC?

StumptownColdBrewCoffeeStumptown, with their new “Organic Ethiopia Gunji,” and the NYPL are a good fit.

Tagore0717Tagore0717cTagore0717aGroup Show at Sundaram Tagore Gallery, through August 26, 2017. Artists include: Hiroshi Senju, Zheng Lu, Sohan Qadri, along with New York-based artist Noah Post and American artist Susan Weil.

AccidentFifthAveAccidentFifthAve2Bicyclist busted after blowing through a red light and striking a woman on Fifth Avenue today.


LeeChild17Lee Child in action on the sidelines of Thrillerfest XII.

feminists.JPGNowadays women seeking to be like men, become mothers.


LiveAmmoWould that Mr. Trump reached across the table of the G-20 meeting, with every fiber of his being, and offered that the U.S. lead the in world disarmament, while at the same time advocating for the reunification of Korea, as ways to grow the world’s prosperity and improve the environment.

Met-070417aMet-Roof070417Met-Roof2.JPGMet-Roof5Metropolitan Museum of Art – July 4, 2017