ChrisChristieLeaving Trump headquarters yesterday, Gov. Christie told NBC’s Katy Tur that meeting his wife Mary Pat for dinner was “more important” than her question. Several hours later, Ms. Tur called attention on Twitter to Mrs. Christie’s eye roll during Mr. Trump’s comments on Hillary Clinton’s playing the “woman card.”

Wine-TurkeyVinkaraFrom the Kalecik district of Ankara Province, Turkey, comes a wine made from the local red grape varietal, of the same name, Kalecik Karasi. Bordering Georgia and Armenia, Turkey is among the first places where wines were made on earth. One producer we recommend is Vinkara, with an assortment of reds and an especially good sparkling wine: Vinkara, Kalecik Karasi Yasasin Brut (2013).

Winery owner Ardic Gursel seen here at a recent tasting in NYC.

Kalecik Karasi works especially well with roasted meat and spicy Asian food.

FrankStella2016FrankStellaCRPost-painterly abstractionist Frank Stella, who turns 8o this year, was in-conversation at the Phillips auction house last evening. The occasion was the launch of an expanded edition of his catalogue raissone: The Prints of Frank Stella. Joining Mr. Stella (center), were Jordan D. Schnitzer, of the Jordan Schnitzer Family Foundation, and Rick Axsom, Curator at the Madison (Wisconsin) Museum of Contemporay Art.

When asked how he determined when a work is “finished,” Stella commented that he and fellow artists would talk about that, and their talking was “not enlightening but the results are good.”

The assemblage behind Mr. Stella (center) consists of a screenprint, lithograph and linocut with hand coloring on heavy card paper (c. 1989).

KeysOfTheKingdom“As you know from the congressional inquiry, two years before the attack, bin Laden threatened the kingdom with revolution unless al-Qaeda’s operatives were given access to and support from the Saudi’s agents in the U.S. The old king capitulated.” Senator Bob Graham, Keys to the Kingdom, (Vanguard Press, 2011)

The principles underlying the U.S./Saudi relationship are not sound, nor is the Gulf region sound.

On a day that saw President Obama received coldly in Saudi Arabia and 500 refugees drown while fleeing wars initiated by Saudi Arabia—and supported by the U.S., one can only hope that the next U.S. president will freeze Saudi assets, halt weapon sales, and establish a no-fly zone over that country. But that would be unlikely if Hillary Clinton is the next president, given the enormous sums gifted to the Clinton Foundation by the House of Saud.

StreetArt2016uPhotograph: Stephen Wise

StreetArt2016tJackson Heights artist Gerry McGann heads home from a day at the office.

JoanRivers-DogHouseStreetArt2016sPhotographs: Stephen Wise


Bernie2016dSanders2016The Bernie Sanders rally, in Washington Square Park yesterday, drew thousands of concerned Americans, from a cross-section of humanity, eager to see their country saved from ruin. That will be difficult given the deep-seated “I am King” mindset present in the 1% and 99 % — which undermines America, and is a clear and present danger to the world. The way people walk down the street of any American city (with knives out mentally and literally) is proof of that.

AIPAD2016aAIPAD2016hAIPAD2016iThe Photography Show is at the Park Avenue Armory, April 14-17.

Celebrating its 36th edition, with 86 galleries from around the world, this year’s show includes new participants from Buenos Aires, London and Mexico City.

Photographs: Stephen Wise

Wine-CheninBlanc2Spanning over 600 miles in Central France, from the Atlantic ocean to just west of Lyon, the Loire Valley is known for Voltaire, Sully, Joan of Arc and Chenin Blanc.

Chenin Blanc wines are made bone-dry, semi-dry, and sweet — sublimely so in some cases.

From a recent tasting, we liked, from AOC Vouvray, Domaine de la Gaverie 2014 and Domaine Huet 2014. And on the sweet side, from Anjou, the Quarts de Chaume Domaine des Baumard 2010. The Domaine de la Gaverie can be had for under $20 retail, and is great for picnics with ham and seafood.

On the red side, Pinot Noir from the Loire Valley can be really good when the stars line up. One that got our attention was Christian Venier Cheverny Rouge, “La Pierre aux Chiens” 2014 — light-bodied and fruity, yet raw with loads of character. They also have a Pinot Noir/Gamay blend that is said to be superb.


Stephen B. Wise


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