Hudson1930Heidi Hetzer, 78, of Berlin, Germany on top of a 1930 Hudson that she’s driving around the world.

Photograph: Stephen Wise

ChampagneTwo fine Champagne producers, and releases, we recommend: Doyard Mahe Extra Brut Millsime, 2010 and Jacque Chaput, Blancs de Noir.

EmmanuelleChoussyFrench model turned photographer Emmanuelle Choussy in action in Manhattan.

Photograph: Stephen Wise

Poland-PresidentDuda1The new president of Poland, Andrzej Duda, arriving at the Polish Consulate in NYC on Tuesday.

CGI2015CGI2015bAn ambulance crew passing through this year’s Clinton Global Initiative is an apt metaphor for CGI’s state of affairs—from its aims of “creating and implementing solutions to the world’s pressing challenges,” to the controversy over CGI donors alleged influencing of U.S. foreign policy, in particular the actions taken to remove Muammar Gaddafi in Libya.

Some have speculated that this would be the last CGI meeting.


PopeFrancisMedal3PopeFrancisMedal1The day before Pope Francis was scheduled to arrive in NYC, a machine dispensing Limited Edition Pope Francis Coins, at St. Patrick’s Cathedral, ran out of coins or broke down, leaving his fans frustrated. But help soon arrived, with everyone getting their fill.

Someone asked the attendant if he would accept $1 for the $5 souvenir coin. He said “no”, but then gave it to the person for no charge.


SteubenParade2015eSteubenParade2015nSteubenParade2015Oktoberfest2015The 58th iteration of the German-American Steuben Parade, normally a fun-filled occasion of friendship, showed signs of strain — with no major corporate sponsors and fewer groups from Germany — perhaps a response to American foreign policy, particularly in Syria (“Assad must go”), and the Justice Department’s actions towards Volkswagen.

Photographs: Stephen Wise

Wine-CaliforniaSummit1The recent California Wines Summit, in NYC, included a conversation between Thomas Matthews, of the Wine Spectator, and Patrick Capiello of Pearl & Ash.

With 4,400 wineries and 5,900 (wine) grape growers, California is the world’s fourth largest wine producer after Italy, France and Spain.

While commenting on “natural” wines, Mr. Capiello said that he felt better after a night of drinking them, than the day after drinking fancier chemical-laden wines. Mr. Mathews quipped that it was probably because he drank more of the latter.

Wine-LuciaThree wines that we really enjoyed and recommend from the day’s tastings: Ravenswood Zinfandel 1995, Lucia Pinot Noir 2013, and Honig Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon 2012.

Woman-Power3“…it transmits and regulates power, and everyone wants command of power, even more power…of late there has been some talk, and very interesting talk, too, about machines as works of art. Why not reverse the process, and look at works of art as machines?” T.K. Whipple, Machinery, Magic, and Art, 1931

Photograph: Stephen Wise


Stephen B. Wise


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