USOpen2015USOpen2015bPhotographs: Stephen Wise

OccidentalSteve Kistler is making big, yet crisp, pinot noirs under the Occidental brand.

Also from Sonoma, are excellent pinots from The Withers Winery for under $50.

VirginiaCocktailWe recommend MV’s Fine Virginia Peanuts in a variety of flavors, including: Cajun, Jalapeno, Dark Chocolate, Milk Chocolate and Toffee.


EqualRights2EqualRights5One of the participants/advocates for equal rights to bare one’s chest, at the “Go Topless” Pride Parade, told LE she graduated from Kalamazoo College in Michigan,

At issue are the rights of topless women to work in Times Square, posing for pictures and tips, often times with young boys.

It seems that the institutions of higher learning in America are misleading and deforming their students regarding “the question of the relationship between the person and society, and the rights of the human person.” Jacques Maritain, The Rights of Man and Natural Law (Gordian, 1943)

The Fourteenth Amendment to the Constitution of the United States declares that no State shall “deprive any person of life, liberty, or property without due process of the law, nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.” Today in New York, people (especially children) are being denied equal protection from predators who are claiming equal rights.

Let us not say that the aim of society is the individual good or the mere aggregate of the individual goods of each of the persons who constitute it. Such a formula would dissolve society as such for the benefit of its parts, and would lead to an “anarchy of atoms.” Maritain

SandCastle-CalvinSeibertSandCastle-CalvinSeibert082215Calvin Seibert delivered a dose of cubist realism to Rockaway Beach today.

Photographs: Stephen Wise

Ireland-LinenIreland-Pots3The Irish are back to making stuff these days, really excellent hand-made stuff. From fine linens and crystal, to soap and pottery, here are some of our favorites from this year’s NY NOW: Irish Linen House, 31 Chapel Lane, Foxford, Arran Street East, J. Hills Standard LTD, and The Handmade Soap Company.

HGTVNYNow2015-MailegNYNow2015-Skulls1All things Viking and Scandinavia are hot in 2015, with Detroit and Cuba on deck for 2016, that according to interior design maven Genevieve Gorder, speaking at a HGTV event yesterday.

Which may explain the popularity of Maileg dolls (middle photo) from Demark. Or perhaps it was Maileg that helped to fuel the Scandinavia trend. They’ve been around for years, but seem to always remain new with endless variations.

Animal skulls (even inflatable) are hot at this year’s NY NOW. Interestingly, the people selling them, who we spoke with (including business owners), never heard of Georgia O’Keeffe.

Photographs: Stephen Wise

NYNow2015-DeBrandDe Brand, at NY NOW, is one of the really good chocolate companies in America.

Photograph: Stephen Wise

NYNow-WhitneyNY NOW: the Market for Home & Lifestyle is underway and runs through Aug, 19 at the Javits Center.

We ran into the Whitneys, from Sarasota Florida today. He paints and she makes jewelry. They’ve been together for 47 years — “a llooonng time!” she said. Today they seemed happy and making great work together.

Photograph: Stephen Wise


Stephen B. Wise


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