POTUSMany who voted for Trump did so because they thought he was less wicked — and less sick than HRC. But his rhetoric at the UN today tells a different story.

UnitedNations2017hUNHQReduced to being an empty backdrop for photo-ops, the United Nations — sans leaders from Myanmar, Russia and China — will begin another session this week, its founding principles and charter in shambles (along with Syria), having been destroyed in recent years by leaders from Riyadh, Tel Aviv, and Washington.

UnitedNations2017fCameroonians await the arrival of their leader in NYC – September 17, 2017


UNPrayerService2017UNPrayerService2017bThe annual UN prayer service, ahead of the opening of the 72nd Session of ┬áthe United Nations General Assembly, was held Monday at the Church of the Holy Family in NYC — presented by the Permanent Observer Mission of the Holy See to the United Nations. His Excellency Mr. Antonio Guterres, Secretary General of the United Nations, and His Excellency Mr. Miroslav Lajcak, President of the Seventy-Second Session of the General Assembly were in attendance and spoke, along with representatives from various religious denominations.

The United Nations has long sought to partner with faith communities as it works to “make the world a better place.” Problems arise when those seeking to make the world a better place, including faith communities, act in ways that generate the wrath of Heavenly Father rather than His mercy.

Real progress for humanity, including world peace, requires that man’s designs be in accord with God’s will.



BoscoSodi2BoscoSodi3Mexican artist Bosco Sodi and his art project in Washington Square Park, 9/7.

Perhaps the best way forward is to do away with borders and sovereign states — with Mexico, Canada, and the U.S. becoming one.

Greenberg-Meyerowitz2Greenberg-MeyerowitzGreenberg-Meyerowitz3Greenberg-Meyerowitz4Nearly 80 and still going strong — Joel Meyerowitz with two photography exhibits (including recent work) at Howard Greenberg Gallery, through October 21, 2017.